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Television is an endlessly interesting phenomenon. While people are quick to demonstrate their love of movies in the most gallant of ways, TV is like the secret mistress no one wants to talk about.

Indian TV fiction is not so bad after all. It is certainly not the lack of talent or creativity which assails the this domain. If indeed, there is something which works against it, it is the medium of feedback. While there are numerous reviewers and critiques for movies, hardly anyone cares to express their views about the soaps being churned out constantly across the nation, in an organised, comprehensive and truly discursive manner

Dramas and Dreams is an attempt to create a reviewing space where TV content can be critiqued and analysed without bias.It is a portal where TV viewers can express what they like or do not like about a show and discuss their expectations. You do not have to be a “fan” or a “hater” here, you just have to be, well, you.

The point of this site is to encourage free discussions and debates. Agreements and disagreements are being looked forward to. Please be generous and always try to leave your comments when you read an article or review. Your views are extremely important and I would make it a point to always respond to them.

Guest reviewers and writers are most welcome to contribute their reviews.  D&D gradually wants to be a hub of reviewers. So if you want to write about something that affects you, go right ahead and mail at dubey.tulika@gmail.com

 Photo credit: 123rf.com
Photo credit: 123rf.com

Let’s embark on a new era of TV viewing where the makers take note of viewers , not as crazed fans or bored viewers, who would watch anything on TV, but as intelligent people genuinely interested in good content and creativity.Lets aim to give out honest feedback in the form of reviews, articles and discussions to the creators, makers and actors of TV.

But hey, it’s not all about content analysis and all that intellectual hubba-dubba, it is also about some entertainment: So at D&D, we will  also keep featuring TV stars from time to time through our  “up close and personal” interviews!

2 thoughts on “About D&D

  1. Same story dear.. I have always watched American sitcom and travel & living channels. Seriously saas bahu sagas are unbearable. But I guess TV viewing and the taste of viewers are changing. Hope we will see some intelligent and sensible pieces. Although its like the religion is back on TV. After DKDM its Bhuddha and Mahabharat! excited to witness the change


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