Dramas & Dreams is a potpourri of reviews, interviews, articles, commentary and writing inspired by the world of fiction around us. Founded by Tulika Dubey, (ex-Times Of India TV critic among others ), this portal is one of the rare spaces which attempts to treat Indian Television seriously. You will find essays, reviews and reflective pieces that appreciate good content and call out mediocre ones. With Sreejeeta Ghosh, a freelance video/film editor, joining our team recently we plan to add more variety to our content soon.

D&D is open to contributions from all fiction enthusiasts. Even though the focus remains on Indian TV, we publish views on any form of fiction (International TV, OTT, books and movies). If we like the idea behind your piece, we will also edit your writing for free. So don’t worry about grammar or vocabulary, just write!

If you are not into long-form writing and would still like a place where you are updated about all the shows worth watching with fictional characters worth falling in love with, join us on Instagram or Twitter. Soon a D&D youtube channel will introduce immersive discussions and verbal reviews too!

Happy Reading & Happy Writing! Let’s find the next fictional character to crush on!

For contributions or questions, mail us on dramasanddreamstv@gmail.com

2 responses to “About D&D”

  1. Same story dear.. I have always watched American sitcom and travel & living channels. Seriously saas bahu sagas are unbearable. But I guess TV viewing and the taste of viewers are changing. Hope we will see some intelligent and sensible pieces. Although its like the religion is back on TV. After DKDM its Bhuddha and Mahabharat! excited to witness the change

    1. Yes, and let’s write and express and be a part of this change! 🙂

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