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Recently I have been hooked to this new channel EPIC. As its tagline says ‘Kahaaniyan Hindustan ki’ (the stories of India) and it truly lived up to its name. So here are 5 quick reasons why I love this brilliantly conceptualized Channel on Indian Television:

  1. Our own stories: All the shows on this channel have been featuring folktales and stories from our country. These are the stories of history, mystery and mythology that was untold and not discussed in full fledged manner, or atleast not on a 24*7 dedicated channel. I have always believed that India has so many stories that we actually don’t need imported fairytales to narrate to our younger generation. So EPIC is actually telling those stories in an EPIC way.


  1. History and Mystery: It is good to have knowledge about your own culture, history before heading out to explore the world. Not everyone is a reading buff (including myself) but if moving pictures tell the same story as eloquently, I would love to watch it. I caught up with an episode of ‘Rakkt’ detailing bloody game of kings and princes for ascending the throne. Stories like these are not told  in normal history books, thus it was a mystery for me. This channel gives fine balance of History and Mystery.



  1. Simplicity: You may agree with me that in recent times we have seen shows based on history and mythology in all glamorous and extra bling- avataar. Yes, they are pleasing to eyes but I somehow believe that the core of the story sometimes get compromised for that extra bling. The shows of EPIC have been shot in very simple manner as they want to tell the stories and not just showcase their budget. And I am more interested in knowing the real story.


  1. Unique stories: Who would have thought of coming up with a proper show based on courtroom drama featuring Kauravas and Pandavas in heavenly court? Where they put blame and give reasons for their doings on earth, point of view of various characters of Mahabharat? Having seen Mahabharat many times on TV, I surely didn’t realize that someday I would be watching this side of Mahabharat too. This is just one example. Other show like Dariba Diaries, Kahi Suni, Ekaant, Rakkt, Raja Rasoyi aur Anya Kahaaniyan, Siyaasat, Adrishya etc., just check out atleast one episode of each to know why I am saying this.



  1. Explore mystic India: India, this land is full of mysteries. And this mystic face of India has made our motherland such a sought out destination for people around the globe. People come and learn and make shows about them and we have kept it ignored for so long. But kudos to EPIC for developing a full time dedicated channel to show these stories and letting us explore this mystic part of India.ekaant


Let us give a huge round of applause to the brains behind EPIC channel and I wish the team All the best in this venture. Hope they keep coming up with these brilliant concepts and keep telling-retelling us the mytho-history stories of India in a cool and EPIC manner.


-Anushree, Rajasthan, India

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  1. Stories and narration have always been related and the way this delectable combination has been presented is truly remarkable.A channel our country can take pride in owning. It is like finally a place where I feel I, as a viewer belong.Such a nicely written piece

  2. best im int for my villageg indar garh fort disti bundi

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