Vampire Diaries - The Awakening + The Struggle
Vampire Diaries – The Awakening + The Struggle (Photo credit: Maari-chan)

“For over a century I have lived in secret, hiding in the shadows, alone in the world. Until now. I am a vampire. This is my story.”

The voiceover was enough to have us intrigued to the series that paved a way for our routine of gasping in awe at screen for forty minutes every week religiously [Fantasies excluded]. All surrounded by old-wine-in-new-bottle soaps, suddenly there enters a show that throws finger-chopping surprises in every scene and manages the story between killings and kisses perfectly -“The Vampire Diaries. It is the TV adaptation of novel series of same name by L.J Smith

Set in the town of Mystic Falls in Virginia, ‘The Vampire Diaries’ deliciously serves us a gothic romance in which a naïve teenage girl,Elena Gilbert falls in love with a perilous but irresistible mysterious boy Stefan Salvatore. Unlike any typical vampire-witches-werewolves haul, this teen supernatural drama has all the ingredients required for setting the rating charts on fire ; Typical school huddles, Dying main characters, Sibling enmity, Heart-wrenching tragedies, Cliff-hangers in every last scene and Crush-worthy-walking-undead hunks[Foremost reason that makes us cling to TVD all the more].Oh yes and human beings turning into vampires as normally as a Bahu falling into new problems in TV soaps.

In short, it exemplifies yin and yang of good and evil, purity and villainy.


Series starts with the introduction of Stefan[Paul Weasley] who riveted by the look alike of his former lover Katherine Pierce, returns to his native place Mystic Falls to know more about that girl, Elena [Nina Dobrev] only to  be challenged by his drop-dead gorgeous brother Damon[Ian Somerhalder]. Oh did I just say Damon? Why this article couldn’t be only about him! Postponing fangirling for now.

Later in the series the plot congeals with the arrival of Elena’s vampire doppelganger, Katherine [Nina Dobrev in a double role], and “original” vampire Klaus Mikaelson[Joseph Morgan].


Well she is

1. Gravity: Like all supernatural beings after death will pass through Bonnie now, when they are alive, they fall in love with Elena.

2. Balance: Elena is compassionate, empathetic, caring and friendly but only till her some humanity switch remains on. This teen has mastered the art of being a damsel in distress one moment and belle of the ball the next.

Introduced as the most popular girl in Mystic Falls High School, Elena is still recuperating from her parents’ untimely death and alongside handling her sometimes-stoned-sometimes-acting-puppy-to-Vicki younger brother, Jeremy. Both siblings live with their legal guardian Aunt Jenna. She is best friends with Bonnie Bennett [Kat Graham] and introduced as envious blonde, Caroline Forbes[Candice Accola] who warms up to her later after she becoming a vampire .

As Elena, Nina Dobrev astonished all with her unblemished portrayal of Elena’s transition from a girl-next door surrounded by vampires to becoming a one later followed by her off-humanity sequences in Season Four after Jeremy’s death[Momentary].And yes she’s a ‘doppelganger’ from Petrova’s line[Too many additions in my vocabulary now, credit TVD]


 Stefan,portayed by Paul Wesley is a 163-year-old brooding, sexy vampire who can be found either pampering Elena or scribbling entries into his journal regularly mollifying the pain he has endured in past decades. Both Stefan and his elder brother Damon fell in love with Katherine Pierce, who turned them into vampires. It is Lexi Branson only who often brings the much needed solace and consolation in Stefan’s life by the sheer buoyancy of their friendship. Their relationship is more of like Harry and Hermione in the Harry Potter Saga. Now her role seems to have passed on to Caroline Forbes after her death.

Season One revolved around their reluctance and final giving in to their relationship

In Season Two, Stefan sank deeper into his dark side, becoming a ripper and Elena humped on to Save-Stefan duty to bring his beloved one back to his saintly side and in between warmed up to his brother too. Ahem

Seasons Third and Fourth depicted Stefan as Elena’s savior and towards four’s end kind of Hit-me bag too. Hero made a brief exit from scenario meanwhile after his brief encounter with Season Four antagonist Silas(Ahem)and returned in Season 5 much to ecstasy of Stelena fans, as fans have fondly nicknamed the pair

                                “Stefan: I should be upstairs grooming my hero hair.

                                  Damon: Are you drunk?

                                  Stefan: I don’t know, Mom, am I?”


It is love at first sight with Damon in pilot episode itself. We are compelled to fall for him as the first dialogue pours out of his sexy lips: Hello Brother!

Damon, portrayed by Ian Somerhalder,is the elder brother of Stefan ,introduced as narcissistic evil vampire threatening to nip Stef’s and Elena’s simmering romance in the bud. Damon needs bevy of accolades for his performance and particularly for tectonic shift from being a serial murderer to serial kisser [Latter we prefer, of course]

xthe-romantic-side.png.pagespeed.ic.K1iKTqPKQIApart from oozing heavenly sexiness, Ian performs this layered character with the kind of gravelly gusto that allows us to get only as close to that smoldering character as he wants us. Unfortunately, only once in a blue moon, we get to have a view of his perfectly chiseled body blooming in all its perfectly moon-lit glory. His palpable vendetta against Stefan only adds to this virtuously smoldering sensitive pair of warring brothers

                 “Damon:  Listen, how I got this amazing body has nothing to do with science”.



There’s an cut and dried chemistry between Elena and Damon. There’s fire, there’s sensuousness.

The resonating rooting for DELENA (this pair has been nicknamed) has been wowing actual teens and teens by heart for five seasons now

Though Elena professed her love to Damon at the end of Season 5, reverabations of which could be felt throughout the season, this is TVD and you can’t be too happy in Mystic Falls


The actual love story of The Vampire Diaries is between brothers Stefan and Damon. A convoluted and truly touching bromance that we can root for more than anything. Team Salvatore forevercute-salvatores

Damon outclasses Stefan in every department: Looks, Charm and Witticism. Stefan has the charisma but not the screen presence of a hero. Having said that, this subtlety only adds to his grounded yet charming personality. These two Salvatores bond really well but their ancient rivalry flairs up often due to doppelgangers. Girls you know!

Stefan: “I love her, Damon.”

Damon: “So do I.”

Elena’s relationship track with Stefan and Damon runs into same waters every time ; ”Will they” or ‘Won’t they”. Make your choice girl. But then, it’s all about love triangles in Vampires Diaries


Katerina Petrova (or Katherine Pierce)[Nina Dobrev] is everything Elena isn’t. She’s a Petrova Doppelganger and also the maternal ancestor of Elena. An undisputed queen of witticism and sarcasm, she’s a conniving vampire whose history dates back to era when she made Stefan and Damon fall in love with her thereby causing the century-long rift between the brothers .Whenever she tries comes in contact with Salvatore brothers, she’s ordered to basically get lost and get lost she does, only to bounce back with bunch of miseries later She’s Elena’s worst enemy and remained the main antagonist in seasons second and third.

“Woman: You look just like Elena Gilbert


                    Katherine: Actually I’m much prettier”

In Season Four’s last episode ‘The Graduation’, Elena forced the cure down Katherine’s throat, she, becoming human therefore. Season five premiere introduced her as an absolutely miserable and ragged human. She pulled a classic sympathy move when she shared her pitiable condition with Damon and Matt later.

I can’t protect myself! I’m weak and I’m slow – do you have any idea what it’s like to run in          

                  Heels ? I have blisters, Damon!” —Katherine to Damon

It’s a sumptuous treat seeing Nina Dobrev portraying both Elena and Katherine that gives us legitimate right to forget that Elena, Katherine [and now Amara] are being played by the same actress. Kudos, Nina!



Matt, portrayed by Zach Roerig, Elena’s former boyfriend, is our weepy-face lad with large number of sacrificing hormones. Matt is actually a weirdly beautiful boy, fathoms Elena even when her boyfriend [whoever is at that point of time] doesn’t. His obligations are always aligned with protecting his friends. He and Caroline were in a relationship but called it quits later when Matt found it thorny to handle her new-fang side.

 “Matt: Sometimes it pays to be the only normal one in a town of vampires. I’m practically invisible”


Rumor has it that Matt Donovan is the only human left in Mystic Falls.


“Matt: Elena is dating a vampire. You’re a witch. My sister’s a ghost. And I’m just a guy                             who’s wondering how his life got so screwed up”.


Bonnie, portrayed by Kat Graham, is friends with Elena since their childhood and later the character develops into a very powerful witch .She’s fits the mould of a typical heroine; sacrificing herself (yes: not happiness but straightly self) for her friends;”Tyaag Ki Devi” as my friend fondly nicknamed her. Even in Season Four, she used expression and all her dark magic and brought Jeremy back from the dead but in process she died .got trapped beyond the veil and became invisible to everyone except Jeremy. Now she’s back from the dead, with a price

      “Bonnie (To Jeremy): It’s not like there’s Netflix where I am, you working out is my main source of entertainment”.


Caroline, portrayed by Candice Accola, is the daughter of Mystic Falls Sheriff, Elizabeth Forbes. She is exuberant, charismatic, gregarious and passionate about organizing functions and side-by-side seducing her boyfriends. It won’t be an exaggeration if it is said that any man with two eyes and a working pulse would be attracted to Caroline Forbes. She had some insecurities earlier but becoming a vampire changed her for better . Klaus loves her[Klaroline here] but it takes two to tango and Caroline has already asked Tyler for it who has reciprocated

Caroline: Why do you always have to prove you’re the alpha male?

                           Klaus: I don’t have to prove anything, love. I am the alpha male. Come on. One dance. I  won’t bite”


Like Matt, Alaric, portrayed by Matthew Davis, is TVD’s one of the reluctant heroes. Like Elena-Bonnie and Stefan-Lexi our Damon too had his share of BFF moments. Fondly called “Dalaric” by fans, their bromance has been appreciated since the start and moments like Alaric dying in Damon’s arms (Bromance at peak, na?) took straight to their hearts. Being abandoned by girls (vampires) was surely bound to form a common ground.

Alaric: Something’s up with Elena. You know what it is?

           Damon: I’m sure it starts with a Stef. And ends in an “an.””


Jeremy, portrayed by Steven McQueen, is anything now but Elena’s little brother .Discovered a vampire hunter in Season Four, Jeremy has undergone startling change since earlier seasons. In Four’s finale his girlfriend Bonnie was able to resurrect from the dead and bring him back to the land of the living. She traded his life for his but due to his special ability, he could communicate with her. Season 5 has surprised us with the elevation of Matt and Jeremy to more than bit players among their supernatural surroundings. Apparently Jeremy grew a sense of humor along with those biceps too.


                            Jeremy (To Silas): I am a hunter. Plus, I work out


Season Two,Enter Originals, the second oldest and most powerful vampires, children of vampire Mikael and witch Esther.The Mikaelson family:Niklaus ,Elijah(Eldest),Rebekah, Henrik, Kol and Finn


Elijah[Daniel Gillies] is squeaky clean, has a great head on his shoulders and speaks sense. He is gentle, caring and kind. This hunk is so freaking elegant that he can sound sexy even without saying anything. He wears the best suits, and he always, always remains calm. Like Stefan, he respects   human life and [un]fortunately like Stefan he was romantically involved with Katherine(Btw he calls her Katerina) He is shown to be one of the most sophisticated and peaceful of the Original siblings, alongside Finn. He is the most compromising regarding Elena and her friends. Elijah and Elena develop a sort of understanding during the series

 “Elijah: I`m a man of my word, Elena. I make a deal, I keep a deal.” 


Niklaus (Nik/Klaus)[Joseph Morgan] is opposite of

Elijah i.e. has little/no regard for human life.

He is the original hybrid and half-brother of Elijah,

Finn, Kol, Henrik and Rebekah and is the main

antagonist in seasons second and third; in fact he is

the ultimate villain. Klaus prefers to live in

seclusion and confides in only few people. A major

plot line of the show is Klaus’ quest to create

a hybrid army. In Season Four, he had a short-lived

relationship with Caroline— if it can even be
called that —that was left totally open ended.

His affection for Caroline Forbes represents a more human side to him and he’s so     multitalented that he showed other use of graduation cap- Beheading witches. Morgan brilliantly portrays Klaus at his emotional and comedic peaks simultaneously

                         “Klaus(To Caroline) : He (Tyler)’s your first love. I intend to be your last, however long it     


About rest of originals, there isn’t much to be talked about except Rebekah’s short lived fling with Matt

Now the originals have their own show;”The Originals” based in New Orleans. Though a possible crossover with TVD is rumored to be happening very soon


It was heartbreaking watching everyone bidding final farewell to their best buddy in Season 5.Whose funeral” won’t be answered here for obvious reasons (ripping the story for newbies isn’t intended)

TVD cares so much about fans that after every two episodes it introduces sweet, smart European, American, Canadian and even New Zealandean hotties. So far we have seen eye candies Jesse[Kendrick Sampson], Maxfield[Rick Cosnett] and Aaron[Shaun Sipos] in Season Five

Vampires, Witches, Moonstone, Cure, Anchors, Travelers, Qetsiah. Gosh. TVD is more of supernatural encyclopedia.

There’s Tyler too. But who cares? Any fan out there? I take it a no

Winding up I would add now TVD is throwing never-imagined-before surprise I’m so loving.Season five is providing twister episodes with a number of new, captivating developments including the journeying of Katherine’s humanity, mortality, and motherhood; the original TVD romance (Stelena) and the exploration of Elena’s family history and the secret society.Oh again a hottie prof.

There had been rumblings for years but I’m finally giving in.

How to become a vampire ?


                           There is Mortality. Then, there is Immortality. And finally, there is C hoice!

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