DSCF0217If your house is on fire, what is the one thing you will take with you when you run

– My Cellphone

Who is the most important person in your life?

-My parents

One weird fact that people don’t know about you

-I never change my laptop’s wallpaper

If you were not an actress/performer, what would you be?


What were you in your previous birth?

-A struggling actor in the 1950s-60s.

Career or Love?

-I would choose Love, and my love is my career.

Do you forgive and forgive or keep a grudge?

-Not many people have wronged me . No I don’t keep a grudge

Who is your current crush

– Patrick Dempsey (Derek Shepherd , Grey’s Anatomy ): Just yesterday he came on the Ellen Degeneres Show and I was sitting there blushing at the TV!

One word/phrase to your fans:

-Be Yourself!

9 responses to “Rapid Fire with Sriti Jha”

  1. Awesome intervew. She is so honest and down to earth. Beauty with brains. Love all her answer. Respect you alot Sriti Jha.

  2. Lovely interview…I knew it she made that eye circles for real only to make Sudha more convincing hats of to your dadication and passion Sriti you are a wonderfull persone. Love the interviewer also beautifull question and beautifull answers. Love you Sriti god bless you…and yes beautifull beautifull beautifull pics. Can you share these pics on twitter.

  3. Its really really wonderfull interview. Thanku Drama and Dreams you guys did an excellent job. Sriti Jha you are an awesome persone and a brilliant actress love and respect you alot.

  4. one of the most authentic celebs..i respect her and love her equally..:) became her fan sin’ce jyoti!!!..and totally loved her in SB!! God Bless you Sriti!! <3

  5. Thanku Drama and Dreams fore this intresting rapid fire segment. Sriti rocking answers 🙂

  6. Rapid Fire rounds have alwaz been my favs … and especially when it comes to a Telly Talks, its a lot more awesome … 😀 Absolutely Rocking answers … Sriti di u cracked it again … Respect her and loads of Luck to all 🙂

  7. Awesome Rapid fire round! Amusing to know she never changes her Laptop wallpaper and believes herself to be a struggling actress in the 1950s in her last birth lol!

  8. Good answers – looks like the Cellphone wins on everyone’s list of stuff to take from a burning house! And Patrick Dempsey ! See? Good taste! 😉

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