Mahabharat-on-Star-PlusSince her last review, one set of grandparents have arrived for a visit. Miss K now watches the Mahabharat with her grandparents, who are obviously very familiar with the story but find the treatment somewhat too glamorous.  But they enjoy their time  together watching and analyzing the show. Here’s the second review from her.


Since I wrote last time, the story of the Mahabharata has progressed quite a bit, from Gandhari’s wedding, through Pandu becoming king, to Dhritharashtra’s coronation, and Gandhari’s pregnancy.  The story is progressing at a good pace, except for the part of Gandhari’s wedding; it took three days! First of all, what’s with Dhritharashtra?  Since his wedding he has been constantly mad at Gandhari! I never recalled him being so mad in any of my books. Shakuni kept popping up, and was like an evil advisor, although I don’t blame him that much since Dhritharashtra was treating his sister pretty badly. In all of the episodes so far, all I have seen Gandhari do is cry, so it is quite annoying.  I have changed my opinion about Gandhari’s looks though, and think that she is prettier than her maid! For her pregnancy, she seemed to be in great pain, and they showed and expressed that a bit too much. When they were showing the lingam, the one Gandhari was praying to have her child, they kept doing close-ups of it, so I really expected them to have Shiva (From Devon ka Dev Mahadev) pop out of it and say something!

The part where Karna welcomes Pandu and Kunti after their marriage is very neat, although I don’t understand why his father would be so mad at him, even if the king might have. Oh and speaking of Kunti, I don’t get why Kunti thought that it would hurt her father’s reputation since she had a son with Surya. It was her boon, why shouldn’t she use it! (Amma says women who had children before they were married got a bad reputation, which is really unfair since both the woman and the man have the baby)

I agree with the story, that Madri is way prettier than Kunti, although I do not remember her being so bitter with Kunti. The bow of Pandu when he killed sage Kundan looked very pretty, too pretty since it was supposed to have survived a war! I enjoyed the graphics of the parts where Kunti and Madri get their sons; it was very realistic if those types of things happened in the real world, every day. The feelings of all the people are portrayed quite well, but I do not know why Kunti does not tell Pandu of Madri’s feelings and actions towards her.  The hut that Pandu is staying at in the forest is very picturesque, with all the flowers on it.

I thought that Satyavati’s gold necklace was seven necklaces, one bigger than the other, until my mom pointed out that it is one necklace, all joined. It is quite weird, since Satyavati is supposed to be the dowager queen, and yet she looks as if she might as well be the queen! They should grey her hair, since all people do get old, even if they are royalty.  Life lesson teacher Krishna has not come up that often, which is good, but I really feel that he should not even be there yet, since he is technically not even born. For someone who does not know the story, that could really throw them off. Ambika and Ambalika seem to make a lot of reappearances. They aren’t really that important, except for being the mothers of Dhritharashtra and Pandu.

I still think that all the sets are very well thought out, and realistic. My grandparents are also watching this show with me, and I think that they are also enjoying it quite a bit. I do look forward to watching the story, since they always leave you hanging at a really exciting part. That is all that I have for this time, but I will write more after a month or so!


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