Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii on Sony TV – A Review

Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii, Sony TV’s medical drama launched on 6th December 2021, makes for very interesting TV in terms of all things important: the pacing of the story, an impressively authentic hospital setting and top-notch acting. The show has set up a high benchmark for itself after delivering action-packed episodes one after another in its first week. Although a few cracks do seem to appear … Continue reading Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii on Sony TV – A Review

The Anupamaa Appeal

It’s been more than a year since Starplus launched a seemingly run-of-the-mill show called Anupamaa about a little-educated housewife whose life revolves around her family, with little or no reciprocation. What else is new, you ask? I did too and was mildly tempted to watch just because of the consistently high TRPs. But well, TRPs have hardly been an indication of quality content when it … Continue reading The Anupamaa Appeal


What better way to take mind off your regular job than watching a TV show that makes you forget what transpired in the day and leaves a broad smile on your face till you watch it again next day. This one’s a pleasure you would happily plead guilty of watching because the deliciousness of viewing gives you much needed distraction from every emotion you’re going … Continue reading FAN REVIEW : LUCIFER – Akanksha