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The Anupamaa Appeal

It’s been more than a year since Starplus launched a seemingly run-of-the-mill show called Anupamaa about a little-educated housewife whose life revolves around her family, with little or no reciprocation. What else is new, you ask? I did too and was mildly tempted to watch just because of the consistently high TRPs. But well, TRPs have hardly been an indication of quality content when it … Continue reading The Anupamaa Appeal

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Baal Shiv on &TV (Nov 2021) – Review

The latest mythological offering on Indian Television has arrived on &TV and it is based on a little-known legend of Lord Shiva according to which he took a child’s form. Aptly named Baal Shiv, this show is intriguing for two reasons. Firstly, it is an unknown story in the real sense. The information on the internet is scant which means it holds an element of … Continue reading Baal Shiv on &TV (Nov 2021) – Review

Kaafir on ZEE 5 : Web Series Review

Watching ZEE 5’s Kaafir was like watching a portrait being done. An elaborate process that is meticulous, exquisite and brings about a disconnect from the constant chaos that your mind is used to. Used to shows with pace that sends my brain in frenzied hyper activity, I initially doubted Kaafir’s ability to keep me engaged. However, by the end of the crafty first episode, I … Continue reading Kaafir on ZEE 5 : Web Series Review

Badho Bahu : Review

As a general rule, I keep my distance from anything on TV with the B word in it. For obvious reasons. “Bahu” instantly translates itself to- copious tears, silent martyrdom and annoyingly ideal dialogues. However I must confess that recently, a most unlikely show has caught my ¬†fancy and it’s called Badho Bahu on &TV. This show is about a bahu (no prizes for guessing … Continue reading Badho Bahu : Review