Badho Bahu : Review

As a general rule, I keep my distance from anything on TV with the B word in it. For obvious reasons. “Bahu” instantly translates itself to- copious tears, silent martyrdom and annoyingly ideal dialogues. However I must confess that recently, a most unlikely show has caught my  fancy and it’s called Badho Bahu on &TV. This show is about a bahu (no prizes for guessing … Continue reading Badho Bahu : Review

Television and the Portrayal of Women

Indian Television is one of the most intriguing puzzles of modern India.  The  incessant plague  of  serials in the name of uplifting society and its values is so blatantly regressive  that it hurts. If television is the reflection of our society I am appalled. There is an abysmal gap between the twenty-first century we are raving about and its televised version. The success rate of kitchen … Continue reading Television and the Portrayal of Women

Comedy Nights with Kapil : Genuinely Funny

“Comedy Nights” is not an entirely new concept for TV. Hugely popular on American TV, the genre has been adapted in the past for desi TV with shows like Movers and Shakers . However Kapil Sharma has taken this genre to a completely new level by infusing an amount of  hilarious audacity  that only a performer of his caliber could have carried off.  As a … Continue reading Comedy Nights with Kapil : Genuinely Funny