Guest Review : A Discovery Of Witches – By Andrew

To all of those fans who thought urban fiction and dark romance were a passé, well think again!  If you ever desire to be transported away from life , then my friends this TV series is what I’d call your perfect escape. A world where one can lose and find oneself.  And thank God for that because A Discovery of Witches is a story that … Continue reading Guest Review : A Discovery Of Witches – By Andrew

A Letter to Felicity – By Andrew #Arrow #Fandom

Dear Felicity Megan Smoak, Deep in my heart, I already knew you wouldn’t be responding to me, and that’s okay (smiles). But I didn’t want to leave you underappreciated, because in some magical way, you have found a way to my heart as no one else did. Every independent female character I’ve met so far in my life had a journey unforgettable. And while some … Continue reading A Letter to Felicity – By Andrew #Arrow #Fandom

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What better way to take mind off your regular job than watching a TV show that makes you forget what transpired in the day and leaves a broad smile on your face till you watch it again next day. This one’s a pleasure you would happily plead guilty of watching because the deliciousness of viewing gives you much needed distraction from every emotion you’re going … Continue reading FAN REVIEW : LUCIFER – Akanksha

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Bepannah : Limitless possibilities of a good script Color’s recent offering manages to do something impressive in its first innings – tell a story without trappings. Watching Bepannah made me rewind to the last time I watched an Indian TV series with a compelling storyline. It took me a while to think of anything specific. This is not to say that our TV writers don’t … Continue reading GUEST REVIEW : BEPANNAH ON COLORS – BY UJWALA SRINATH

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#GuestReview: 21 Sarfarosh: Saragarhi 1897 – Akanksha

121 years since the conflict, the Indian audience have now been introduced to 21 Sarfarosh: Saragarhi 1897, a fiction show inspired by the real–life story of 21 brave soldiers of 36th Sikh regiment of the British Indian Army who defended an army outpost at Saragarhi in the North-West Frontier Province against an onslaught of over 10,000 Pashtun and Orakzai tribals in September 1897 in what … Continue reading #GuestReview: 21 Sarfarosh: Saragarhi 1897 – Akanksha