When the doorbell rings at the start of Sujoy Ghosh’s 14 minute short film, Ahalya, it rings in your ears as a premonition.  It rings to disturb a status quo, a cacophonous silence which has persisted long enough for anybody’s comfort. Indra Sen, the police officer ringing the doorbell, carries an inadvertent doomed look while he peruses the sinister looking dilapidated building. This moroseness changes … Continue reading AHALYA, THE SHORT MOVIE:JUSTICE IS SERVED

The LunchBox : A Review

Some stories are made out of moments. These moments can happen to you at the most routine places: on streets, at your work desk , at the railway station. You don’t give them any thought and they float away unnoticed into oblivion. You absolutely fail to realize the extra ordinary story these seemingly ordinary moments hide, until you watch a movie like The Lunchbox.  Because … Continue reading The LunchBox : A Review