Ted Lasso Season 3 (Mini Review)

Our beloved therapy show ‘Ted Lasso’ returns for its third season with a comforting yet slightly melancholic atmosphere. The show gained widespread acclaim for its ability to provide much-needed comfort and warmth during trying times by carefully balancing mental health, feminism, and positivity without being overly preachy.

The first episode of season three does an excellent job of setting the tone and direction of the upcoming season, showcasing the show’s trademark clever writing and character development – just when you thought how more could they develop the characters! The writers do a great job of exploring the complexity of human emotions, blurring the line between good and evil and showcasing how situations and perspective shape people’s behaviour. Ted remains the ever-optimistic protagonist, while the writers add more depth to Nathan’s character, moving beyond the one-dimensional antagonist trope (it would’ve been tempting to limit them as good and bad!).

Talking about baddies, the introduction of Rupert (the true villain of the show) reminds me of Gulshan Grover from the classic 80s-90s Hindi films, with his striking appearance and the perfect “den” set up in red and black.

However, one thing the show subtly hints at is healing and healing is never a straightforward process, as evidenced by the journeys of characters like Rebecca and Ted. The show’s thoughtful insights often leave one wondering if it was written by a psychologist or a monk, as it offers profound reflections on life and the human condition.

Catch Ted Lasso on Apple TV+.

Sreejeeta Ghosh


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