Two viewers recount their personal relationship with two popular shows on Indian TV, Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani and Anupamaa. Read on to know what is their very personal connection to these shows.

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani: By Vaidehi (twitter: @Pativaidehi)

source: Shaurya aur Anokhi ki Kahani (starplus)

Thanks to a circulating promo on Twitter, I stumbled upon a show called SHAURYA AUR ANOKHI KI KAHANI. This said “password promo” was a straight winner that got me hooked on the show. 

It showed a  typical college interview before admissions where the girl Anokhi was asked “What do you call password in Hindi?”

Such an intriguing question! It made me curious and I actually had to google the answer! When the episode aired I watched it for sure.

I also like this show for the way it depicted  “ragging” in some episodes. We are all familiar with the various cases of ragging and how they have hampered students. This show showcased one such case in quite a realistic manner. The subsequent investigation related to it and how the stuff was tackled, made me fall for it.

I have now become a fan of the perfect blend of acting and writing that made it such a nice show to watch and have so many things I would like to list down as appealing. There were multiple instances that were portrayed in a relatable way. The charade behind a “successful & rich” life & how things are not always what they seem behind the scenes, is one such thing.

I  remember this one episode where Anokhi is being kidnapped by the goons when she is walking home late at night.  Shaurya happens to pass by and hears her asking for help. Set in Chandigarh, it is not a far stretch from reality when he happens to be carrying a gun and comes to her rescue. When he asks her the reason for being out so late at night, as if it’s a choice, I liked how she had a response that was so natural yet ignored all the time. Girls also need to earn their living, and they need to work unusual hours too. It’s not a choice.

Also noteworthy was the time when the girl went to write exams on her wedding attire on her wedding day. Many criticised it but a  few months ago when a real-life instance of a similar case was reported in the news, I guess we all realised that norms need to be broken when required. 

This show was popular among the youth because the content is really relatable. A girl in her late teens striving hard to continue her studies. A man who had believed all his life that women are meant for cooking and begetting children eventually realises his folly.  A college girl falling in love with her professor, just like we all have once fallen for our teachers. The eventual compassion, love & understanding that develops between Shaurya & Anokhi and how they grow to support each other and have a happy marriage is what makes the show great, entertaining and most importantly, hopeful about love.

Anupamaa – By Ramya

Source: Anupamaa (starplus)

Guilt  “Guilt is perhaps the most painful companion of death.” – Coco Chanel

Initially, when Anuj’s character was introduced in Anupamaa, the history with his parents was shrouded Whenever he talked about them, I felt a sense of longing and sadness. Somewhere I could guess he was directly or indirectly responsible for their death. Now we finally know. He is directly responsible and has been living with that guilt for some twenty-odd years. The way he finally pours his heart out, weeping and shaking really struck a chord with me. There is nothing worse in the world than losing a parent but to feel guilty for it has to be a personal hell. Like he says “you die every day you live.”

After the loss of my mother, I have been fighting a feeling of intense guilt for not having been able to do something earlier, something more to have been able to save her. Every day she suffered, I was wracked with guilt- why did I not do something earlier? And the day she passed away, it was almost in my arms. I kept calling and was met only with silence. I have not forgiven myself since that day, I carry on with a darkness in my heart and am unable to bring it out. The breakdown of Anuj really stirred something in me. I cried with him and realized there is nothing we can do about it. Find your support, just live with it and move on. Those two episodes were a kind of therapy for me and I am glad I could push through with them. 
People often tend to ridicule attachment to fictional characters but sometimes they are the most real things in our life that help deal with our emotions directly or indirectly. Also, kudos to the team of Anupamaa for finally showing that Anuj isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. He is human and carries darkness just like the rest of us. 

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  1. I will request you to see the following old telly serials.You may love it. Such as ,Tere liye,Sasural goenda fool 1.and ek nai ummid Roshni

    1. Yes those are good shows – haven’t watched Tere Liye but others yes ( more or less). You are welcome if you wanna write about them here

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