Reviewer : Shaswat Dubey

Sex Education is a UK based web series available on Netflix in both English and Hindi (dubbed) although the dubbing will remind you of late night Asian Sky shop ads (so avoid). The story revolves around teenagers in high school – their sex related inquisitiveness and experiences .The central character is a teenage 16 year old boy ‘Otis Milburn’ who is a shy loner at school with only friend Eric Effiong who is gay and both of them wish to be famous and popular at school.Although the school is set up in UK but you will be able to identify a lot of instances similar to your school life- like a group acting elite who do not mix with everybody or having a crush on a girl/boy who does not even know your name or even some conversations related to sex which you had with your friends when you were a teenager. The story picks up when Otis accidentally ends up giving sex advice to a fellow schoolmate which works and his talent is spotted by Maeve – who is a street smart girl with limited means and also Otis’s crush. Together, they start a sex therapy business at school. Otis’s mother Dr.Jean F Milburn is a professional sex therapist who is divorced and dates different men and tries to advice him on his sexual maturity every now and then with which Otis is very uncomfortable.

The story touches various aspects of teenage lives – the insecurities, the desire to be loved and the relationships between parents particularly at a stage when kids approach adolescence. The relationship complexities between Eric and his dad and Adam Groff and his Father ( who is also headmaster of the school) has been portrayed very well and the contrast of parenting style comes out clearly, the series covers the juncture where the teenagers explore their sexuality and come to terms with their sexual preferences gradually.Adam who is a tough guy and bullies Eric all the time gradually discovers that he is a bisexual, also Ola Naymen finds out that she is pansexual while dating Otis and hanging out with Lily Iglehart as a new-joiner at school.Other prominent characters include the nerdy girl Lily who is a trying everything to give up her virginity but cant as no one is ready to date her, Aimee Gibbs – blond rich girl who wants to hang out with Maeve but can not due to peer pressure.Jackson Marchetti – head boy and every girl’s dream who is under tremendous pressure from his parents to be a swimmer which he hates but unable to confront them.The story is gripping, funny and at the same time depicts the struggles of Otis, who as a sex therapist at school is also referred to, as ‘sex kid’ . He enjoys the attention but is actually struggling with his own sexual issues – being unable to get rid of his own virginity.The casting has been really good and characters fit in their respective roles.

Sex education with a total of 16 episodes split into two seasons is a nice watch and can keep you engaged for a week. I recommend watching this on your cell phone or a laptop with your head phones on – if you live in a family with small kids and elderly folks. TV is a complete no-no. The content is very entertaining but may not be suitable for everybody because sex is the central theme and we do not talk about it in India. Ironically, we have world’s largest population.Since I have attempted to write a review I give Sex education 3 ½ stars out of 5. The series celebrate teenage and associated sexual issues around it. You will be bound to remember your high school days in few scenes for sure ( although you may not want to admit it )

Available on : Netflix

Language: Hindi and English

Release Date: January 2019

Suitable for : 18+ (includes nudity and strong language)

Episodes : 16 ( 2 seasons)

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