Reviewer: Shaswat Dubey

Panchayat will strike a chord with you if you have lived in central/eastern parts of India or let us say if you have seen rural life at some point of your life or you prefer simplicity and like things natural.No surprise that it’s TVF production who are known for producing simple and natural content since the time when YouTube was the only video streaming platform.The story is based on a young graduate who gets a rural posting as a Panchayat secretary referred as “Sachiv Ji” in the series – who has taken this job as he had no other option and his experiences and struggle in village, the story is simple and covers some unique aspects of rural and personal life, it touches personal aspirations, frustrations and social pressure but yes very gently and smoothly.You will specially love the sequences where the panchayat office building is converted as ‘janmasa’ for a wedding at village, how two different refreshment packets are kept for bride and groom side and the counts of sweets differ in them which pisses of the groom as wrong packet is handed over to him and his friends.How a cushioned chair leads to whole who’s the boss game and the conversation with between Pradhan and Pradhani will remind you of your parents/grand parents or uncle aunty who engage in harmless banter all the time which is full of love and satires.

Jitendra Kumar plays the lead known as Abhishek Tripathi, the IIT Kharagpur pass out actor knows the roles he fits in and does complete justice to it.Seasoned actors Raghubir Yadav and Neena Gupta play roles of Pradhan Pati and Pradhan with such an ease that you will feel that they are actual village folks.All characters are simple and beautifully written but you will be most impressed by Vikas played by Chandan Roy who is an innocent office assistant who is content with his life and creates trouble for Abhishek Tripathi aka Sachiv ji on few occasions as he has a habit of helping everybody. Panchyat is a delight to watch with 8 episodes which you can watch back to back, it will make you question that happiness and lifestyle are not related – How genuineness and simplicity has become scarce in city life. If you have been thinking of recommending a show to your parents, seniors, relatives and looking for clean and good content which is free of Cuss words, Panchayat is the one. As I have attempted to write a review here let me give Panchayat 4 out of 5 .

Available on : Amazon Prime

Release Date: 4th April 2020

Suitable for : Everybody

Episodes : 8

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