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Set in the city of Ghaziabad, “Mere Dad Ki Dulhan” is an engaging story of a Dad (Amber Sharma) and his Daughter (Niya Sharma) and latter’s search to find her Dad’s dulhan (Guneet Sikka). Mind you, this show is much more than what it seems to be. For starters, it delivers on its promise with precision that too few shows now-a-days even attempt!

It seduces viewers into falling in love with the characters by combining innovative storylines, subplots and great acting by its stellar cast. The actors seems super comfortable with in their roles and with one another making chemistry between them MAGICAL. All actors have brought their characters to life, which is a rare feat. The characters are layered and grow with time and circumstances just as normal people do.

We know that this isn’t the first time a daughter on TV is trying to find a partner for either parent but what makes this show different from the rest is its realistic and unconventional portrayal of finding love at a different age than what seems set by the society. It imbibes realism in every department, right from the sets of home, office, lanes, balcony, kitchen to interpersonal bonding. The episodes are sharply made of smaller character moments all of which are impactful and add something to the story, thanks to the brilliant editing.

Coming to the show, these days Guneet and Amber are navigating the murky waters of online dating world and chatting with each other on the dating app unaware of their identities.

The Dad, Amber Sharma, is in his late 40s, is super cranky and loves to yell at people. Played perfectly by Varun Badola, Amber is that irritable neighbor who sits in his room and scoffs at anyone and anything that breathes in his direction. What’s not to love?  He’s a character who chooses to mope under the clouds even on the sunniest of days. Amber Sharma is DEFINITELY not the man you’d like to invite over for lunch. If it were up to Guneet’s mother, she would declare him public menace and move him into retirement home. But despite all his troubles would we want him to change? I think not.

With time, you begin to understand Mr. Funsucker’s lack of patience with everything. The man straight up hates everyone except his daughter, Niya. After the death of his wife he spent years raising his daughter as a single parent, which excuses his complete lack of social skills.

Our dulhan Guneet Sikka, played by Shweta Tiwari, is a woman with a lot of heart. She’s a do-gooder but she is not naïve. Trying to help people around her despite been cheated before, Guneet is unapologetically herself. Shweta has brought so much depth and emotion to the character and has proven that it is okay to be a strong and independent woman who does not need to conform with the societal norms of ‘marriageable age’. You will feel like you know the character as well as you know your best friend. She stands out in her role presenting a character you would want to be friends with.

Amber’s daughter Niya Sharma, played by debutante Anjali Tatrari, is revolutionizing the way working girls are represented on Television, girls who actually are ambitious towards their career, have supportive colleagues-cum-friends and usual complications at work.

Her love interest Randeep is played by the Charismatic Fahmaan Khan. He’s filled with mushy love for Niya but is unsure how to get her to say ‘yes’. He manages to be endearing despite his failed attempts to pursue Niya and embarrassing himself in front of her khadoos baap.

Vijay Tilani’s Kabir though is Niya’s boss and friend but harbors immense love for her. He’s always there for her with a shoulder to turn to when things go south. While Randeep and Niya have undeniable chemistry, you can’t but help root for her to reciprocate Kabir’s feelings. Besides, Anjali’s gang also brings so much energy to the show, watch out particularly for sequence when they’re preparing Amber for his date.

Moving on, there’ no shortage of perfect scene-partners here. When two characters are paired up, their character dynamics elevate the plotline and keep you glued to screens, be it Guneet and Randeep or Guneet and Sunny Hinduja in outstanding cameo as Dr. Anurag Malhotra.

Amidst the TV where the stories aren’t founded in reality, “Mere Dad ki Dulhan” demonstrates narrative that would have been hard for anyone paying attention to dismiss. Yes, TV shows need time to finds their footing but initially underappreciated such shows become beloved by all as time passes.

Make out time for this one. You will fall in love with Amber’s one-liners and Guneet’s quirks. Theirs is THE match made in TV heaven.

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