Game Of Thrones : Season 7 Running Review

maxresdefaultWinter has come to the seven kingdoms of Westeros and the game of thrones has turned suitably chilling with season seven completing  two compact episodes,  efficiently laying the groundwork for the highly-anticipated battle within and without.

Daenerys Targaryan  has been established as  the strongest contender for the Iron Throne with three dragons, a huge army and most importantly a good heart.  If you need more reasons to root for her, you will find that almost every character that has pulled at your heart strings across seasons,  has  now rallied behind her, with the exception of Jon Snow of course and that brings me to the most highly anticipated event of this season.

In the episode two “Stormborn”, Dany is made aware of Snow by Melisandre, who convinces her to meet him, by pointing out that he is the only one who has seen the white walkers and knows the threat for real. Tyrion vouches for his good character as well and the dragon queen sends a raven north to call him for “bending the knee”.

Jon Snow is in a dilemma about accepting the invitation until he receives a message from Samwell Tarly that the dragon queen’s current abode stands on a mountain of dragon glass, the only material that can kill white walkers. His motivation is greatly doubled, even though this decision is strongly opposed by the lords of the north and his sister Sansa Stark.

Snow’s transformation from a reluctant leader to an efficient one is rightly complimented by Sansa in episode one. In  the “Dragonstone” episode,  he overrules the common opinion that the houses  of North that fought for Bolton in the last battle , should be taken away and given to loyal families. He stands his ground even after being repeatedly questioned by Sansa and later admonishes her for her public display of disapproval. In episode two, he shows his growing resolve as a leader again when he announces his final decision to meet  Daenerys,  after reminding them that  he never wanted to be king, but now that he is, he will not stop at anything to protect the North. Jon Snow has clearly transitioned from knowing nothing, to knowing a great deal!

With the impending meeting of the King in the North and the Dragon Queen, the song of the Ice and the Fire looks all set to start and if your heart is already dancing in anticipation, you are not alone.  Besides being the only two leaders who have stuck by the side of the Good (which is not an easy task in the cruel world of GOT), they also happen to be the most eligible bachelor(ette)s of the seven kingdoms. Is a future romance in the air?  What happens when the good side unites and becomes indomitable enough to finally answer to years of atrocities around them? With Snow’s birth still shrouded in mystery, there’s also a possibility that this meeting might lead to some important answers.

The adrenaline runs high as the forces of the Good, scattered along the land for years, unaware of their own potential, are now on the verge of teaming up. Arya Stark, headed to Winterfell, brings the power of the faceless men while Sansa Stark, with her  proximity  to some of the most evil powers on land in past, brings a much needed skepticism and  a sense of cunning to this side. As the new head of the north, in Snow’s absence, it will be interesting to see her flexing her muscles and how or if, she keeps the lurking “Little Finger” at bay.

Dany Targaryan is no less favoured by the stars, as she has none other than Tyrion Lannister as her hand, famous for his cunning diplomacy with a damning knowledge of the enemy Lannisters. Lord Varys, with his vast network of spies and a sharp brain is an equally important addition to her team, as he declares his support for her is steadfast.  Lady  Olenna  brings years of experience to Dany’s side in addition to a  grown woman’s perspective that is essential to the young dragon queen, who has had very few women around her to learn from.


The stage is set against Cersei, who is struggling to make alliances against the looming danger. With the Mountain and the evil maester Qyburn as her only reliable aids, the panic at King’s Landing is palpable. Euron Greyjoy has indeed succeeded in bringing her a gift by capturing Yara Greyjoy at the end of episode 2, but Theon’s escape may hint at  a potential fightback. Knowing Martin’s penchant for shocking his audience/readers,  the war will not be won easily and there could be many heart-breaking causalities on the way.  One can only hope that the hot  favorites don’t die  but well, be prepared O heart, because as they say in the land of the Faceless men, Valar Morghulis!


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