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There are men, then there is Elijah Mikaelson; there are parents, then there are Papa and Mama Mikaelson; there are shows, then there is “The Originals”.

Have you have ever felt personally victimized by a show? This is one such. A spin-off of an immensely popular supernatural fantasy-romance thriller with a cast that had more or less formed the spine of the show at the time could have gone horribly wrong or exceptionally right; come about as greatest of the spin offs or bounce as a spectacular failure. For “The Originals”, thankfully it favored the latter. Debuting in India recently in November,

“The Originals” has already earned rave reviews for its excellent rendering of the chaos of supernatural community in the city of New Orleans comprising of wolves, witches, vampires and the original vampires and centering on the theme of family. It has the knack keeping its viewers glued to their screens with the bloodcurdling twists it throws every week making them to take special precautions for keeping their hearts in place. With “The Vampire Diaries” outdoor pilot to the spin-off in Season Four, it became quite clear what the show was going to be about, definitely every bit different and every bit in advance of its parent show. It delivered every thrill it promised. It’s faster, it’s sexier. “The Originals” not only unravels the saga of 1000yrs of the one of the early vampires on Earth, Mikaelson siblings, but it also takes pride in the surprising conversion of the three from uncompromising antagonists to loved protagonists. In TVD, when The Original siblings entered Mystic falls in Season Two, they entangled us in such charm that we no longer were on the side of getting rid of them but wanted them to stay alive. The trio brought an epic tone to the show saving it from being the victim of its own working plot in a way that TVD team had to respect the need of providing them an extensive platform to explore their family dynamic and bless our eyes in process.

Season One of The Originals spirals around the siblings Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah, each entwined in the web of his own demons, making an effort to stay together as a family in the following struggle to regain the control of the city they once built, New Orleans, now run by Klaus’s protégé, Marcel who they assumed dead centuries ago AND protecting Klaus’s unborn child meanwhile. Simple enough! Visiting New Orleans on certain information, thankfully Klaus’s child instinct came to play, [“I want what he has got”] and he entered the French Quarter unaware of the impending war with crazy witches, banished werewolves and the army of vampire led by Marcel. Continuing his never-ending quest to seek Klaus’s redemption then entered his brother Elijah giving him the BRAND NEW information of his fatherhood waiting in the wings. Before your heads start spinning, wait. Being a vampire-werewolf mix, Klaus can procreate (and how!). The first chapter of the Season focuses on Marcel’s reign of New Orleans and the efforts of Klaus and his family to keep the truth of mother of Klaus’ child, Hayley (Shh she’s a werewolf) and pregnancy hidden. As the story progresses…well if I told you wouldn’t it take away the fun! Just know that this show is AWESOME.

Much before Klaus Mikaelson was proclaiming war in New Orleans, he was taking his shirt off in Mystic Falls, fanning the flames of our hearts, rating in all versions from hot to scorching. We appreciated that. In fact aren’t all werewolves born with a sex appeal? I mean just look at Mason Lockwood! Anyhow he is the man on whom the whole subject of psychology appears to have been planned; whom the scholars would love to have the subject of their thesis, painters would rejoice in having him as a muse. This delightfully obnoxious and wildly handsome man, played brilliantly by Joseph Morgan is the diabolical, psychotic, childishly-jealous and endearingly innocent, accent-ish hybrid to describe whom all adjectives would have a meaning once you look into his eyes full of wondrous mischief .Joseph manages to flawlessly convey the complicated mix of Klaus’s intense villainy, self-hate and pure sentiments for his child, all at the same time .It’s really masterful. This Mikaelson defends his horrific and unjustifiable ways with such conversationally fascinating and intellectually diverse, vocabulary-rich arguments that already establish him as an articulate lawyer of lawyers. In short, he represents all about the best and worst of human nature. Nonetheless his love for his siblings is such that he might rest them into coffins for hundreds of years and more for their supposed sake .I don’t know how Elijah puts up with him.

Klaus: “You chase my redemption like a man rolling a stone up an endless mountain”

Elijah: “Well no mountain is endless brother. Some are just steeper than others”

Always by Klaus’s side like his shadow is his brother who is the perfect guy to take home to your parents. Name is Mikaelson. Elijah Impeccable Mikaelson. It’s a sacred fictional truth that Daniel’s Elijah never goes wrong .He just doesn’t. In between screen shots he delivers stomach-melting smirks in sufficient quantities for all but a deep look distinctively yours. Always looking dapper as hell, his stubble in Season Two has already martyred many lives. I mean how your heart can not just jump out of this planet when he flashes that rare dreamy smile! I challenge you not to be captivated by the authenticity of his modish suits and bewitching voice. And this man has an eye for perfection. I guarantee he would have your family charmed. Elijah has displayed such balanced emotions circling the intense situation of loving the mother of his brother’s child that you can’t help but be in awe. FYI He works out too. After twenty second trailer in Season One, The Originals gifted us a full forty-minute movie of shirtless bloody Elijah in Season Two. Yup I can die peacefully. What adds to the beauty of relationship of Mikaelson brothers is their being shadowy reflection of each other. Elijah’s calm brilliantly contrasts with Klaus’s absolute rage. It is bliss that Daniel Gillies forms such on-screen bromance with Joseph Morgan whose enigma can give you sleepless nights. It has every oomph factor of a sizzling romance.

Hayleyelijah2Talking of which, is there anything more sweetly romantic and delectably arresting than watching two messed-up people who adore each other dance the dance of the awkward, trying to conceal their swinging desire for one another? The romance on The Originals retains the sense of allure and the leads charm and frustrate us with their sighs, hidden I love yous, almost kisses and longing glances reminding us of the importance of fantasy, the simple power of tease. The chemistry between Hayley and Elijah is simply the stuff of legend, a match made in TV heaven. What works in their favor is that in spite of self-pitying in the maddening tease of will they or won’t they, every moment they spent together confirms the essence of a relationship. This old-age romance gives viewers a getaway from the grind of their incredibly normal and predictable lives and forms into hugely loved couple in fiction .Their missed opportunities and glaringly unspoken words are beautifully tragic. While we gleefully speculated and waited about the time they took their relationship to another level, the camaraderie they forged in the course of happening in their puzzled lives turned out to be something far more interesting and devastatingly romantic. How could we not love that?! Plus it was worth the wait.

Equally important in success of The Originals are the sequences of Elijah with their tempered, fierce, power-puff sister Rebekah. This Daniel proves time and again he’s a perfect brother material (No Santa I don’t want him as my brother. Please move on). Frankly I was one of those who considered including Phoebe Tonkin in TVD spin-off as a doubtful option. Today I regret every bit of it. Phoebe as Hayley is charismatic as a forthright, self-possessed heroine who is unafraid to express her opinions and her desires. She’s a class. In fact all girls in New Orleans are. Be it the phenomenal little witch, potential to star in ‘How I Met Your Father’, Davina Claire, played by most adorable and lovely Danielle Campbell or the original sister, Claire Holt delivering power-packed performance as Rebekah Mikaelson

Or Matt Donovan of the show, who every human in this planet roots for, Camille O’Connel. The wise, kind and witty Cami actually solely represents planet’s entire human fraternity in the city and stands up before all the powerful 1000 yr old murderous vampires and Co. like they’re a bunch of kids from second lane. Only you could do this Leah Pipes! Lest we forget the soft-hearted rose-from-the-dead witch Genevieve. She portrayed a thoroughly enjoyable villain with a soft side that showed a lot of remorse. Yes my heart did go of her when she faced the kill.

“You know, I can give you a list of people who’ve underestimated me. None of them have done it a second time” – Davina Claire

All and all, men of New Orleans put forth such definitions for a perfect husband that it certainly raises the bar for real ones, no wonder why the percentage of bachelors over the world has increased in these years of surviving fiction. Men of this show fuel the yearning to get married, to either of them, Baby Mikaelson tempts you to turn child again, cuddling in the arms of Mikaelson, I mean who would give up

THAT, girls of the city are actually iron ladies born with all karate belts. You feel all so envious and powerless watching this show. It’s okay to admit it.


Rebekah:”Oh, she looks like her mother.Maybe there is a god after all”

Klaus: “Well she has a hint of the devil in her eyes.That’s all me.”

The powerful family dynamic and the love that exists between these characters make this show a worth-watch, for sure. It clears the rumors of the worse, the obvious — you die — and the ridiculous — Momma-from-the-dead offering you to be placed in the body of someone else, someone less powerful [Throw this Momma from train]. Best not mourn the jerks of the world who you would hate from beyond the grave. The Originals is that show that makes you feel fortunate to be witnessing such perfect aspects of Television making and presentation. With Season Two, it has taken leaps in story-telling, cinematography, action in ways beyond belief. In fact, Season One Finale and Season Two Premiere provided more of a cinematic experience than of a Television gig. Plus roping in Sebastian Roche and Alice Evans/Sonja John as evil Mikaelson parents couldn’t have had better timing. Both of them have an incredibly magnetic presence.

The terrific cast of The Originals is really a sight to behold. The extreme talent of Writers room is the reason we tune in and also the reason we spend the next hour screaming at the characters involved.

Now that the team is coming up with book adaptation of the TV series, unique on its own, it would be great to see how the story is going to be adapted from screen to the page. Last Monday, The Originals provided an excellent mid-season break to a fantastic season! So much to speculate, much to look forward to when it returns next year! Really, each episode of Season Two is so good you would wish it had been twice as along. This show is filled with moments where much is done with very little. But the scenes we get all seem to stand out, varying in tone but never feeling as though they are more or less important than any other. There are so many amazing monologues on the show about regret and emotional violence between siblings and all delivered in perfect British accents. “We were innocent once, Elijah. This bloodlust was forced upon us by our parents, turning us from prey to predator. We are the demons lurking in shadow. We are the savage villains in fairy tales told to children. But not for my child. Not for Hope. In her story, we are the knights in shining armor. Without you by my side, I don’t think I can survive my own love for my daughter. I need you. I need you, brother” Somehow my conversational roulette wheel lands on the subject of vampires and this show has made me feel proud it. The Originals provides a better-defined sense of joy than its competitor. And crucially, it has more viewers. It’s a love affair for life. Rarity is a good show, and what a show it is! Watch this one NOW or go Avada Kedavra yourself please.

“If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance”

Akanksha- (Jammu) India

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  1. I had to leave a review here. This is masterpiece. An Impeccable review analysis description of my most fav show. You put entire fandoms thoughts into words like never before. :’) i feel so so proud and happy this show has been getting such rave reviews :’)
    Thank you for this article i can proudly show it to non viewers now.

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  2. Honestly the best written review of any TV show. Thank you for a good read. You have a new subscriber. Yes, I concur, best TV show 🙂

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