A confession first: I have never been a big fan of Indian TV series. So what made me put a reminder on my phone to watch Sony four nights a week?

Two names: THE Amitabh Bachchan and Anurag Kashyap, both making their debut with a fiction TVseries,Yudh. No wonder the expectations were phenomenal.

And did they deliver? I say YES, since it’s just finished 16 episodes, and I agree it is a brave experiment that succeeded for the sake of Indian TV, and the audience…

Everyone was awaiting with bated breath for this debut fiction TV show Yudh to hit the television screens. And the wait finally came to an end.
So as a really smart person once rightly said, “First impression is the best impression.” I must add IT IS A REAL SMART 😉

Here’s my review : The YUDH – NAMA !!

Firstly, The biggest reason why I am & must be u all watching the episodes of Yudh is — Amitabh Bachchan, and his bravura performance.


The Creators Anurag Kashyap (creative director), Shootjit Sircar (creative consultant) and Ribhu Dasgupta (director) have certainly sought some inspiration from Western TV shows. Why do I say so, you ask? That’s because, just like the American shows, not much of the plot is revealed in the pilot episode of Yudh.
The basic story is that Yudhishtir Sikarwar (played by our own fav Big B) is a manmany believe to be invincible. He is a successful construction magnate, who has built his empire without compromising his integrity and principles.
However, that has created many bitter rivals including Tigmanshu Dhulia ( plays a politician ) and Kay Kay Menon ( seen as a corrupt police commissioner ). And others who eager to bring him down.

While he faces evil in his professional life, his personal life is also going through a lot of troubles. So how he manages to tackle his professional and personal problems and whether or not he wins forms the story.

Whats HOT…

As a builder Yudhisthir sikawar believes in doing the right thing, and is not afraid to fight the corrupt, being THE Amazing.

As the enigmatic family man who suffers from a psychological ailment, he piques your interest.
He has played such parts before in films and to deliver such high-octane performance four days a week truly deserves a round of applause. *CLAPS*

TRIVIA Moments…

Also, the episode came sprinkled with references to his iconic films. The name of his company is Shanti Constructions (a la Trishul) and he is a patriarch who lives by his principles (Sarkar and so many others). We can see hardcore Big B fans having fun with this.


Stated earlir still,
other than Big B, we have Kay Kay Menon, Sarika and Tigmanshu Dhulia in the series. Also told Nawazuddin Siddiqui too is in it. In the first episode, both Menon and Dhulia were impressive. Just loved to see more of Dhulia who got to say the best line in the show:

“Dost wo hota hai jisko mauka mile aur phir bhi peeth mai chura na bhoke”.

WHATs Next…

After the daily dose of saas-bahu, this looks like a veritable feast.A bold Indian TV till now strongly has happily shied away from experiment. If one show about saas-bahu politics worked, we saw 100 replicas within a month; if women’s empowerment was the flavour of the month, that’s what all the channels were showing. This is an absolute shift from anything we have seen before. Working on the TRP game it has found a place in audience’s heart, actually changing TV’s landscape in the country.

PACE pick up…

A one hour show is real slow but as the story commences its getting more gripping … mysterious plots & every thriller u want !! However, some great American TV series had rather slow starts and we remain hopeful. There were a lot of comparisons between the iconic American TV series Breaking Bad and this series on social media.Interestingly, that series also had a slow start till it exploded into great television.
an Indian encore, please?

The Background score…

The background music is so overwhelming in places that it cleverly builds up that atmosphere u wanna have in a thriller show enhancing what Yudh is saying.

Coming to an end… all I wanna say is Big B’s one famous dialogue –

“Abhi toh main zinda huun “

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  1. Amazing review! Wonderful. 🙂

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