Why I love Devon Ke Dev Mahadev- Anu Krish Kaushik

603399_326012790821545_1310215002_nWell, let me introduce myself – Anu, HR manager by profession, researcher in mythology & carnatic vocalist, by choice !


My journey with DKDM started off very recently, just since Apr’14. I’d always been awe-inspired by the great Lord Rudra but got the slightest chance to explore his greatness. One day, had a chance to watch the serial (not the original track in Hindi but the dubbed version in Tamil presented as SHIVAM by Star Vijay channel). Would someone believe that a dubbed version impact many? This DID! The creativity, the MAHADEV – Mohit Raina – created the magic. There can be none who could replace him! The perfect fit! Not to be forgotten, is SATI – Mouni Roy , awesome actress cum dancer.


What fascination one gets, when watching this serial is that it doesn’t make you feel that its just mere timepass available in a box but go beyond the limits to just feel that you are witnessing the era right there yourself with the gods, deities and demons ! Characterization – be it Mohit Raina who dons as the Lord Rudra, Mouni as Sati, the enthrallment doesn’t end there but makes you feel wonderstruck on Saurabh Raj Jain as Krishna! But the list doesn’t end here for me, but every small role is characterized well. This definitely points to the director and producer who have taken stupendous efforts!


What makes just not me but thousands (??) to feel to witness the era , as being one amongst the crew, be it the Mount Kailash or be it the Manasrover or be it the Paadhaal Lok, directly speaks of the creativity – well Ms. Angira Vats & her team.  Hats off to your team for the great work giving a great feel! Wish I met you once!


Mere visions are neither entertainers nor the catalysts that evoke interest in you but the music! Who would not sway to the tune of ‘Karpoora Gauram Karunavataram…”? Bawra brothers rock! A music for the soul! Be it the hum when it comes to Sati thinking of Shiva / Shiva portraying his avatar / any, it connects our soul with the theme!

When there are inhibitions in watching serials in the first place, what takes one, to watch a dubbed one, in a regional language? What takes one to leave all passionate things one had been doing all these days to relax and get captivated to this?

An answer to all these questions is quite obvious and explicit the fantastic work of the team. Not just to mention the star cast but the creativity that lies in every soul behind the screens, the ‘un-sung heroes’.


Yes, it was the first time, I started surfing for a serial and the offscreen team, to get to know the ‘KNOW-HOW’s and hence how I landed here.

Right from the first episode on, the serial has kept us high on spirits! I’d been watching all these through Youtube to catch up with what was started off, in 2011. Sat through all nights (which never have I done even during my schooling / college ;)). Then came to my dismay, that the serial was stopped being telecast due to some dubbing issues, that the last one I saw was when Jalandhar was born! I Though I don’t understand Hindi, I still continue watching the original DKDM track from where it was stopped in the regional language (Tamil).

My dream – Wish I could be at the DKDM set once, meet the master brains behind the entire creation. Awaiting for this opportunity to travel from Chennai to the sets of DKDM  & be blessed to witness the cast & crew !


When started browsing through, for DKDM, is when I encountered DramasandDreams. Good reads in plenty. Decided hence to subscribe.




Best Regards,

Anu Krish Kaushik



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