“Imitation is the sincerest form of Television” – Fred Allen

With the clock hitting 6’o clock in the evening, marks the beginning of my adventures, looking for headphones, pretentious calls, faking sleep and snores and sometimes simply placing my hands over the ears. Have you ever encountered these symptoms too? PrisonoSerialoPhobia hereby confirmed.

Time and again I build up hopes on a new endeavor in news to breathe life into suffering Indian Television and every time they are trashed and reduced to rubble. It might sound like a complaint but it is more of a gloomy saga you can’t help but shed tears on. As if this pitiful odyssey of diminishing anticipation wasn’t enough that penultimate ‘Doli Armaano Ki’ disaster that there came news of one GEC initiating the trend monthly award shows lately. All I can say in Rest In Peace Indian Television

Shockingly my list of pragmatic shortcomings in content on Indian TV has shortened or has the limit of my tolerance, but over everything else, one latest venture has left be dumbfounded since the day I caught its first glimpse,the epic :”Doli Armaano Ki”. Unfortunately I’m not even disappointed with the genre or track or this sequel to kitchen-politics or portrayal of women and patriarchal mindset behind its very conceptualization but this one has actually shattered my faith in seeing Television Industry in India reviving and evolving ,what hopes were renewed after the launch of Indian remake of 24 last year and even documentary shows like “Traffic” and path-breaking historical-mythological ‘Buddha’ on the same channel that let me down. It seems makers on Indian TV now have given up on taking risks and regaining some credibility in the eyes of insightful viewers. Clearly they have lost the verve to envisage something truly challenging providing something to viewers to feast their eyes and senses on.

Usually female leads been seeing on TV steal, lie, murder, defying every logic, shown 24*7 steeped in despair , swathed in melancholy and so audaciously draped in helplessness and still are projected as do-gooders and idols with which I had issues but here all is put on view is male lead awfully insulting his wife at every step too badly that it isn’t even a matter of track or character or show but elitism of worst kind and all she does is standing there mutely and departing in ignominy few seconds later. This is definitely not first of the sorts but IT IS if you have ever seen a glimpse of it. Still I’d have tolerated the claptrap had this well educated slave[girl] didn’t threw up her ‘complete name’:Mrs Urmi Samrat Singh Rathore in every scene..Imagine same thing in Hollywood..”Tum jaante nahin iss mangalsutra ki shakti..Main Mrs Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore hoon..”!

Apart from soul in content, what makers in Indian Television Industry have now forgotten has led to the suffering in all drawing rooms in India, except to those who watch their products, there’s no denial in that.. look around and you’ll find those own family simply..nothing is more endearing to the heart and ears than simplicity ,not your lavish sets, not your box office promotions, not your Australia specials ,not your makeup –jewelry overload, not moping about the house all the day and terming it an episode and the list goes on. These projected statues of perfection today aren’t revered but symbolize everything that is plaguing our TV screens.

When did our Television started exacerbating I don’t remember but what I do remember is the time since I’ve seen it suffering and don’t even recognize any cure that might heal it..that too now when even those with natural flair of acting have given up on taking risks and continue to feature in those regressive ventures….even those faking to support women empowerment but ending up gifting projects presenting same line of muscle-bound villains casting lascivious eyes upon heroines ,molesting them and they to avenge it marrying those people in return..and there begins the love-story..don’t even mention the dragged and soulless stuff in the name of love-making..Very true might be the saying ’New broom sweeps clean’ but not on this platform anymore..But one does not bet on an ailing horse. Not me….. don’t foresee myself anymore to be catching even a glimpse of this box with nothing now but blank putrid noise except for Sundays 11 AM for that’s my soothe, a show am a proud viewer of,’ Buddha”, an effort that shows the world how beautiful small can be..just the heart and soul of content has to be at the right place.

So my dear makers you’ve already bitten the hand that fed you….we are aware there is no end to what your minds can throw up further but you cannot always hide your head in the sand..Understand people have grown past your hackneyed offerings now..wake up before it turns too late. It might already have.

And dear leads world has recognized and you must too ..’the secret of oppression lies not in the strength of the master but weakness of the slave’.

P.S  1.  Are there males on Indian Television ? You mean girls in suits? And do they really act? [Exception:Mythos]

2. Rumors of Indianized TVD has already shaken my mental balance. Not mentioned deliberately


4 responses to “TOOTHLESS TIGRESS- We are doomed to be preys – By Akanksha”

  1. just read this 😛
    Hats off Akanksha. That was so well written.

  2. too late to comment i guess.. but then every word is true. I have facing the pangs of grief myself seeing my favourite show go to drains whether in terms of story or acting or anything else. nevertheless its ending {thank Gods for that.. any more suicide attempts then I wud have been forced myself to commit suicide given the fact tht its decriminalised now}

    the points raised in this article is evergreen true, and truly speaking i donot see a major upheavel in the destiny of Indian television for the makers cater to the philosphy of “for the greater good” and the majority consists of people who adore cheeky romance and kitchen conspiracies.

    it is this field where for once the Pakistan has defeated India.. the crisp content of their stories, powerful charcters where their own individuality remains unscathed till the end. Our TV dept really lacks creativity, and even if they possess some amount of it they are too much into their own fantasies to create something good out of it, and the we the audience lies on the sufferer’s end.. anyways as they say that Hope is the only solution, so we can do that, meanwhile it is never late to weild the greatest weapon we have in our hands i.e. THE REMOTE CONTROL. 😀

    1. Entirely agreed and so well put Sucheta 🙂

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