Gautam8 While most people are quick to lust after the glamour the profession of acting ostentatiously showcases, few  choose to look at the hard work and toil demanded continuously and relentlessly from actors. The success stories are enviable and illustrious, but  often, tales of glistening sweat and perseverance are left behind into the shadows cast by the bright shimmering glory of fame and adulation. The moments of thinning hope and mounting frustrations are as real as the moments of triumph and accolades. Gautam Rode is one such story. Success took it’s own sweet time  to find it’s way to him and in the meanwhile he kept working hard, never losing hope. As much as he represents the  charismatic allure of the industry  ( thanks to his chiseled body and god gifted looks) , he also stands for the the other- less talked about- side of the job: That side which demonstrates that  hard work has absolutely no substitute and faith never fails.

An actor who has been around for almost a decade, Gautam has emerged as one of the most loved faces on TV only recently, thanks to the immensely popular Saraswatichandra ,  the central character in the Star Plus show by the same name. Saras has somersaulted straight into the hearts all over the world since his conception on TV: And why not? He is sensitive to a fault, loves intensely and selflessly, can be the the proverbial knight in the shining armour in times of need & is simply a great guy to hang around with. But how often do we actually see the perfection from the pages transmitted onto the screen? Not often. A large part of the credit of making  Saras  so  real and relatable goes to Gautam’s flawless portrayal. He makes him come alive on screen everyday with his subtle expressions, soulful eyes and impassioned face.

Enchanted by the character and  moved by the toil that might have gone behind his portrayal, I caught up with this insanely busy guy and had a quick conversation. Read on to know his -straight from the heart- views on his work, his fame and  his love for his fans.

Gautam2D&D: You started your career as a TV model. what do you have to say about the present scenario concerning this  particular profession?

GR: Unfortunately, TV modelling cannot be termed as an independent profession anymore.  The scope for a model is pretty limited: Music videos don’t get made nowadays and the commercial space is dominated by actors, foreigners and cricketers. Today, if you are doing that kind of thing, it can at best be considered a ladder to another profession, which is acting, as it helps you get noticed and  gives you an exposure to the cameras . But that’s that. As opposed to ramp modeling, which is getting huge day by day, TV modeling is almost dead.

D&D: Playing a character as intense as Saraswatichandra must get to you at some point. Do you find him taking you over outside your shooting hours ? Do you carry him back home in your thoughts?

GR: Well, In television we have to create 18-20 minutes of footage everyday, which means doing 8-10 scenes. (as opposed to 1-2 scenes per day in movies). That kind of work makes it mandatory for an actor to live his character. I have to get into the skin of Saras to live his emotions with him for 12-13 hours everyday. That is intense.  But no, I do not carry him outside the sets.  If I give a bad shot someday, then I do tend to think about it later in terms of how it could have been done in a better way.. but, touch wood, I have been lucky . Those  bad days are rare..

D&D: Saraswatichandra is the pivotal character of the show. The show is named after him. Would you say it is a daring exception in an industry, which is generally seen as women- oriented ( most shows are made from a woman’s point of view , where women play the central character), or things are slowly changing in favor of  the male actors?

GR: I played one other central character called Lucky in a series by the same name back in 2007 for StarPlus. It did not work as well.  So it is definitely a good change that Saras, inspite of being a male central character, has appealed to all kinds of audiences. The love he gets is overwhelming. I think the idea of guys taking the center stage, is slowly being accepted, a fact which becomes more evident when you talk of shows like Devon ke Dev Mahadev or Madhubala.  Also, as actors, today we have more genres to choose from: Mythology, fantasy, family shows, classic adaptations etc. So Indian TV is evolving that way and things are looking good for us.

Gautam5D&D: What do you like most about Saras?

GR: I like his intensity, his passion and his pure love for Kumud.These traits in him make it easy for me to play him as they are very identifiable. However, these same things make him tough to play at times too! For example, the last few episodes have been very emotional for him: There is a lot of crying and howling. Quite a few intense emotions to portray . Doing these scenes continuously makes you tired from inside. But all the trouble is forgotten, when I read messages and compliments about my work. The appreciation is what makes me feel content and happy. Everyone works for money, but being recognized and lauded for your work, is what makes it really worth it all at the end. The biggest let down for an actor is when he works long hours for 30 days a month but is not watched.  In that way, Saraswatichandra has been a boon for me and I feel very thankful to everyone who watches it and gives me feedback.

D&D: So is he the most creatively satisfying role you have ever played?

GR: Well, as a complete package, I would say yes. But Lucky was a character I equally loved to play. Unfortunately, it lost out in terms of the reception it got. I feel very satisfied playing Saras, because he is being watched all over. I have been able to give this widely loved character a face, which is a huge achievement for an actor. On the other hand, doing Nach Baliye, which is another very popular show,  I have also garnered a name for myself as Gautam Rode. So right now, I am getting to do the best of both fiction and the non fiction. As a TV actor, you can’t be in a better space than this and I am thankful to Starplus for giving me both the shows.

D&D: You talked about feeling truly satisfied when you hear good things from your audience. So let me ask you about the emerging trend of social networking, which lets you directly interact with your audience. As this is a scenario which is still new for the Indian TV industry, most actors are still getting used to it.  How has your personal experience been in this regard, notably on Twitter?

GR: It’s been great. Starplus introduced me to Twitter back when I started doing the last season of Nach Baliye by getting an account made for me. When I actually started tweeting myself, honestly, the kind of response I got, was way beyond my comprehension and expectation. I think it’s an excellent medium to interact: The direct connection with your audience gives you a different kind of high. In one way, it’s very personal, at the same time, no one is interfering in your private space.For the initial two months, I tried to answer all questions and messages individually but  after a while I couldn’t keep up with it. There are only limited hours in a day, you’ve got to work, work out, sleep , eat… there’s simply no time! I still try to stay connected by putting out a general tweet, which I don’t feel good about, as I would any day prefer to answer individually. But whenever I get some time, I try to catch up.

D&D: Do you think good looking actors have to face a bias regarding 1) roles being offered to them . 2) their acting skills, i.e, people tend not to look beyond the outer appearance?

GR: I don’t think so. The messages and tweets I get are mostly performance oriented. Scenes are discussed. The dialogues are recited word to word. The audience involvement with my every day performance is mind boggling. It motivates me all the more. Regarding roles being offered, I think it depends on the way you choose to maintain your personality. If you are a body builder you automatically limit yourself to certain roles. I mean, if you have a maintained a huge body frame which dominates your personality even  in a normal everyday shirt, it’s natural to assume you can’t play a middle class office going normal guy. Having said that, looks can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. depending on the circumstances. But that stands true for everything. A guy who is not considered conventionally good looking may miss out on some roles as well. But everybody’s definition of beauty is personal. At the end it all depends on how you carry yourself and how you maintain you personality..

Gautam3D&D:After all these years in the  industry, what is the one thing that you have learnt which you want to pass down to others?

GR: What I have learnt from experience is that though luck is very important, there is no substitute for hard work. Not losing hope is crucial to success. If you know you have it in you, you should keep working, come what may. If you don’t give up through moments of struggle, whatever your goal is, God will see that you get it. I would like to think I am a living example. If you look at my career graph, I have had my share of hardships and it is only since last year, that recognition and adulation have started coming my way. Another important thing is to sense the timing. You have to be sensible enough to make the right decisions at the right time. For example, if you are not ready for doing films and you do it, you have to realize the failure resulted because of wrong timing and not because you didn’t have it in you.  Believe in yourself and give your all to your work. The industry is full of examples of late bloomers: Saif, Arjun, Akshay..

D&D: What would you like to say to your fans, friends and admirers who are reading this interview?

GR: I work for you. Your feedback and appreciation is the fuel which runs my work  engine.  You give me the strength to work  30 days a month and still give every shot my best shot.  When I read your FB messages, tweets or letters bout my work I feel alive and rejuvenated. It keeps me going. To me,the only thing that matters  is to not let you down in any damn manner. I truly love you all and  I am honestly overwhelmed with all the love. Thank you so much for watching my work. I will keep entertaining you to the best of my ability. God bless you guys.

Photo credit: Gautam Rode

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  1. Very nice interview T, as expected from you. *take gold star* 🙂 More seriously, Gautam comes across as such a grounded guy, very “normal” beneath the trappings of fame. Admirable that he stuck to his work ethic over so many years. I’m not the most objective person regarding this, for obvious reasons, but I see some similarities in personality between him and Mohit – the na-samman-ka-moh attitude that seems to come through here. Maybe there is truth to shared birthdays and characteristics too? 😉

    Though, I must say I think he’s being a little disingenuous in dismissing the advantages his looks give him – Too many studies out there showing that good looks do affect the kind of job offers a person gets. But hey, can’t expect a guy to say, Yeah, I’m drop dead gorgeous 🙂

    1. haha.. as usual u make a point 🙂

  2. Thnx soo much D&D for the lovely itv..Thnx to him for never givin up & beleivin in himself..Look where hv v reached nw..Truly a wonderful actor as well as human being.. 🙂
    This itv ws a pleasure to read-personally loved tht qn of actors facing biasedness on 3 factors…Loved wht GR said..
    His msgs for fans-BEAUTIFUL..He RESPECTS&Values his fans lik nythin..And he makes tht CLEAR time n time again 🙂 Such a genuine grounded person.. 🙂

    Spl mention – Yaay another MohAm connection here.. GR mentiond grinnin lik nythin readin tht part 😉

    Thnx to GR for givin this itv n thnx Tulika for takin this itv 🙂


    1. thnx for reading it! hopefully mohit soon:)

      1. Yes Tulika…GR itv ke baad am evn more lookin forward for MR one.. hopefully u get one before this yea ends 🙂

  3. Thankyou D&D For such a classy interview….
    (7star) 🙂 <3
    I seriously love itt.. tahnkyou
    Gautam u r realy a sweet heart and kind person..i love u…

  4. Thats so true.. hard work never fails.. and u r true example of it…
    Thank you D&D… God Bless you

  5. Its realy a pleasure to read this interview..
    thanks D&D for this interview..
    God Bless You Too GR..
    We will Love You ALways.. and support you always…
    you are truly a Great Human Being..
    Thankyou for your love to us..!!
    Thanks ALott 🙂 🙂

  6. Hi, Great Interview by you 🙂 Loved reading it thoroughly. Very maturely answered by him. Gautam is one of the great guys I came across. His humbleness/generosity is something that always to look for. Love him immensely the way he is. Looking forward to many more insightful IV of him!!!! 🙂

  7. Wonderfully diction used by the interviewer.Gautam is a living example of perseverance leading to triumph and accolades. The man has put life into the Novels character admiration & respect has multiplied after Reading this.
    A verse from a poem I wrote for Gautam
    “You wouldnt need another friend who admires u to the core
    If only u cud read my prayers, for all God’s love to pour”
    Stay Blessed

  8. Dear Tulika…

    WOW! Its a lovely interview …Thank You for bringing this to us & Congratulations too!

    Loved your quote:
    “The moments of thinning hope and mounting frustrations are as real as the moments of triumph and accolades.”

    I got to meet & interact with Gautam this year … He is such a grounded & nice guy.

    As G said: “everybody’s definition of beauty is personal” .. yes thats true.
    I had not even noticed him for the past 1 decade (& I even told him so)… its his talent that striked thru as Saras …
    & now after knowing him.. I truly feel he is a Beautiful Soul !

    Leena 🙂
    P.S: looking forward for more interviews & hoping you feel like writing more often 😉

  9. Tulika…

    WOW! Its a lovely interview …Thank You for bringing this to us & Congratulations too!

    Loved your quote:
    “The moments of thinning hope and mounting frustrations are as real as the moments of triumph and accolades.”

    I got to meet & interact with Gautam this year … He is such a grounded & nice guy.

    As G said: “everybody’s definition of beauty is personal” .. yes thats true.
    I had not even noticed him for the past 1 decade (& I even told him so)… its his talent that striked thru as Saras …
    & now after knowing him.. I truly feel he is a Beautiful Soul !

    I’m happy for him that his hard work paid off & how !!! This is just the beginning!

    Leena 🙂

    P.S: Tulika… looking forward for more interviews & hope you feel like writing more often 😉

    1. Thanks for your detailed comment:) love it when people go expressive on me:) He is a gem of a person, yes. & I am trying to write more ( but my writing has a mind of its own!)

      1. Most Welcome Tulika … I always believe in going all the way in expressing if I like something …

        And.. My P.S was based on the P.S on your profile description 😉

        Best Wishes …

      2. I got that 🙂

  10. Wonderful interview. Gautam Rode appears very grounded, genuine and thankful. I am happy that he stuck it out and did not give up. I admire his love and care for him admirers and fans. God bless you Mr. Rode.

  11. Truly amazing Tulika di 🙂 U guyz came out yet again with a great itv. As of me, someone I admired, made it for a very pleasant reading 🙂 Let me put it this way… Staring from his venture to TV with modelling, really a hardtask though he mainted his patience and Is now rocking ONSCREENs… The other answers he gave especially THE LUCK part.,its really required sometimes or the more…
    All in all attempted very specific very much pointed answers, its good u had catch up 🙂

    For a shining star, in his busy schedule too, he makes out time for all the responses out there and Redefining SARAS …
    Getting attires, growing day by day… emotions, looks n talks.. beautifully presented 🙂


  12. Priyanshi Gangwar Avatar
    Priyanshi Gangwar

    Great interview tulika di….hats off..and questions which u asked were awesome and specific too…
    Glad to have such a talented and hard-working person like u btw us….
    Thanks for this amazing interview…and praying n hoping to read an interview of Mohit too….
    And while reading was having a large grin when he mentioned about dkdm…
    Adore u…
    God bless…

  13. cant thank you enough for this one T..:) Gautam comes across as a wonderful. honest and genuine person which explains how he is managing to portray a character like Saras so convincingly. His preseverence, hardwork and humility are sumthing that are truly inspiring. God Bless Him 🙂 and you too’..keep following your passion..and May you get a chance to interview Mohit soon 😉 <3

  14. Tulika,

    WOW ! Its a Lovely Interview… Thank You for bringing this to Us and Congratulations too !
    The write-up & Questions are very well put together ….

    Loved your Quote:
    “The moments of thinning hope and mounting frustrations are as real as the moments of triumph and accolades”

    I got to meet & interact Gautam in June this year … He is such a grounded & nice guy !

    As G said “everybody’s definition of beauty is personal”.. Yes that’s true !
    Its his immense talent that striked through as Saras … and now after knowing him – I truly feel he is a Beautiful Soul !
    A Handsome is what a Handsome does … I love the way Gautam is respectful to his fan-friends… !

    I’m so Happy for him that this hardwork paid off and how .. and .. This is just the Beginning… 🙂

    Leena 🙂

  15. thanksss a million for making our weekened fantastic for such a great,inspirational interview of Gauti 🙂
    true said Gauti @gautam_rode Hardwork never fail you are one of example of it 🙂 i really loved the interview,noone like you.:-) its pleasure to read it…
    respect for him is increased now.
    i loveeee himm alotttttttt
    thankyou D&D” @gautam_rode 🙂

  16. Thanks alot For Such a,Gr8 Interview @gautam_rode Bro BRO 🙂 He is,Amazing,Person 🙂 WE,LOVE U Bro 🙂 We Always Support U 🙂
    I Love It Alot 🙂 Hard Work Never Fail …!,Well Said Bro @gautam_rode We Respect U,Love U ,ALLAH BLESS U ALWAYS :-),

  17. this actor has matured a lot……….having no crush…………i consider maturity……..rolf………..coz u grow up on ur past crushes and say………..what is crush btw…………lol

    increase my height…………..well that is a logical wish……coz by that he will be accessible to many ladies who regret their tall stature just coz they r not shorter then him………..example me !!!

  18. Dear Tulika, thank you for this great itv with Gautam!
    He is indeed god gifted ..talented, hard working,gud looking etc etc he has it all, yet he stands out for being a great guy, so humble n grounded, always appreciative of his friends n admirers!
    Am so glad he didnt give up during hard times and believed in sure did pay off. look where it has got him!

    He is truly an INSPIRATION to me..Be it his hard wrk at shoot, or gym, his discipline, dedication n diligence..n the list goes on..

    Also, which celeb rues the fact that they arent able t @reply to each n every tweet?Or that they r not thrilled about sending general tweets? That is priceless classic Gauti right who loves us so much!
    As for your gift of mean feat..its awesum, you r god gifted too! Loved loved putting it too mildly..

    Your intro was fabulous n so were your questions..God bless you always to keep expressing yourself via this skill
    may we see many more..please try n do one with Gautam that brings out his wittyn humorous side.
    And after that..many many more itv with him!!

    And…and…his admirers (n he too) LIVED HAPPILY FOREVER:)

    1. Thnx Mausami. . Yv u checked the rapud fire with him?I 5ho5 it was very witty..

      1. Oh yes, i was HiLaR..he isss awesum like that:)..tx for the share!

  19. I’ll start with your choice…You always choose such brilliant personalities..who have so much to teach! In those few sentences he taught a great deal!
    All these years made him a fine gentleman…and a wonderful n emotive actor!
    Thanks to u that i got an insight into his mindset!
    What goes around comes around! 🙂
    And ur questions are incredibly wonderful….
    And the best part about these interviews is the introduction..Some day u have to tell me the secret behind this 😉
    Thanks a zillion !

  20. ((everybody’s definition of beauty is personal. At the end it all depends on how you carry yourself and how you maintain you personality..)) thats so true..
    i read it again and again.. all questions and answers.. love it,,
    thanks tulika for this…
    waiting for another one from now..
    I admire his love and care for his admirers !! 🙂

  21. each and evry interview of urs is a charming experience to read..!! So much so we as readers enjoy, m sure the celebrity in focus enjoys even more by answering some really sensible and new questions, as opposed to the regular silly questions by some of the greatest media houses.!!

    Reading this interview on a nice sunny Sunday Morning has made my Sunday..!! much i got to know about Gautam sir..!! his charming face hides years and years of struggle..!

    no wonder he lives the Character of Saras so brilliantly..his maturity and hard work all visible in his onscreen character..
    People like him r the true inspiration for all.. A very best to him for his future..!!

    and Dramas and Dreams.. each time u bring out the best..!! Keep doing the good work..!! Bless Mam T 🙂

  22. Thanks T 🙂 For such a great interview.. It’s true Hard work never fails..This is bcoz of you we come to know so much about GR.. No doubt.. he is an outstanding actor.. his hard work can be seen onscreen..:) And keep doing this good work.. so that we can come to know more and more about favourite actors 😀

  23. Great interview again Tulika. I knew Gautam was a nice, genuine person in real as well as reel life and this feature so brings that out. Despite the limited time frame available to you due to the mad working schedules daily soap stars have, there was no “rushed” element to your interview- felt like you really drew out genuine traits to his personality and even highlighted his persona in a warm and caring way. Loved reading this piece about an actor whom I’ve long admired for his work, so nice to know he is just as grounded and likeable in person. Thank you for this.

  24. Hey Gautam, I read ur interview. Its realy heart touching. U r a very hardworkig person. I must say that u have a lovable and charming face as god gift. And your acting is very nice in all shows. I realy like ur roal as saras i wish to u that u have every sucess as u wish. I trully love u. God bless u… and all the best.

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