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Sony Tv has most of the times tried to be  different in terms of it’s show. This time they have come up with a show about the story of a responsible woman who treats her family as the first priority and in doing so she has crossed her marriageable age. The show began on the 15th of August at the 9:30 pm slot. It has pretty Sangeeta Ghosh as the female lead and Ruslaan Mumtaaz is the male lead.

The promos looked interesting from the beginning more so for the unconventional Jodi of Sangeeta and Ruslaan. While Sangeeta was popular in daily soaps about 6 years back, Ruslaan has tried his luck in movies. So ideally this show is a re-launch for both of them. While it is a comeback for Sangeeta, it’s a new platform for Ruslaan to prove his acting skills. I must say both of them have not disappointed the audience. Both of them look very comfortable with each other on screen. Though I was expecting a boring kind of show as it is an older-woman-and-young-boy story but it has kept me glued till now.

There are many things that I like about the show apart from this Jodi. There is another Jodi that deserves to be mentioned here. The Jodi of Aaji and Naani played by Veteran actress Sulabha Deshpande and Meenakshi Sethi respectively. In fact, there is excellent chemistry between the two! (I don’t know if I should call it chemistry or screen presence. Jo bhi hai.. It has a great impact on the viewers.) The story also is going strong till now. I hope they keep the story intact and don’t change the story line in future.

We see Saanchi (Sangeeta Ghosh) taking up all the responsibilities of the house, family and also earning for the family by running a farm. Her family consists of Aaji, Naani, Prachi (her sister) and  Aadu (her brother). She has Dilshaad aka Dills (Delnauz Paul) and Ulka Kaku as her neighbours. Interesting set of people just like our real-life neighbors I would say. One of them is always there to help Saanchi in times of need and gives comic relief to the show and the other neighbor is the type who has to keep commenting on whatever happens in your family. One fine day comes DV aka Dhruv (Ruslaan Mumtaz) as a whiff of fresh air in the life of Saanchi. He is a lawyer who has come for a holiday to Panchgani, where the story takes place. He gives her company in times of need, makes her laugh,  makes her realize that she also has to take out time for her life. The scenes between Saanchi and DV are really cute and it’s nice to see a mature love story. No tripping and falling from the steps in the arms of the heroJ The music also is very pleasant and soothing. The song Jee le Zara was a hit and it suits this show perfectly.

Watch the show for its freshness, colorful set, soothing background score, natural acting by the cast and DUXQNKALVMGPT7WY49HZ1375851500also because it deals with some of the basic issues in our daily life. Though the show may remind you of Kal ho na ho (first half) it still has its originality. The writer of the show is Niranjan Iyengar who has done dialogue writing for several Bollywood movies including Kal Ho na ho so a little glimpse of the movie here and there is inevitable I believe.

Before I end the review, I would say that the Jodi is to look out for. They have had the sparks flying from the very first meeting. After Arnav and Khushi, if I like any Jodi then it has to be Saanchi and DhruvJ (UhuUhu!! One of the readers here is looking whether I mention IPPKND or related stuff here or there u go) 😀

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  1. Very refreshing Oly! You did a great job!
    And yeah they have shown romance the way it is in real life! ! No typical eye locks!
    And yes how could u forget IPKKND! 😉

    1. Thanks simran! 🙂 tumhare liye hi maine specialy yaad karke ipkknd se related nikala.. :)) but seriously the jodi of saanchi n dhruv is very sweet!! 🙂

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