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Ek-Boond-Ishq-Serial-Wiki-Complete-Star-Cast-Details-on-Life-OK-3Life ok has come up with a new show from the 9th of September 2013. The name itself made me quite curious about the show, then I came to know about several interesting tidbits about the show. Firstly, the poster of the show has a half-man and half-woman. Then there is Viraf Patel (who was rumored to be replacing BarunSobti as ASR in IPKKND had it not gone off-air) and Chhavi Pandey (she was rumored to have received shows before this but they never went on-air) so an interesting cast with a interesting story.

Secondly,it is the first  daily soap by BBC worldwide production in India. A Big name to the show’s credit, which is enough to make the audience curious. (Diverting a bit from the topic) BBC has been producing Jhalakdikhlajaa and now it has ventured into the tv market with three more shows.

1) Har ghar kuch kehta hai: A show that will take the audience for a trip to the house of celebrities where they have grown and lived. It is aired on colors.

2) Yeh hai aashiqui: A series of love stories that have a strong message to deliver. It shows love stories in a tele film like manner. Every story is different from the other. It shows how true love still exists and that in our generation of instant make-up and instant break-ups, there are people who are ready to go to any extent just to see that their loved one is happy. It is aired on Bindas. I think 5 episodes have been aired and this show is slowly becoming my favorite. I look forward to watching a new love story every weekend.

3) EkboondIshq: The show we are talking about. It is about Tara, Mrityunjay and Kalavati and how their lives are related to each other.

Tara is a complete jhallan! She speaks her mind and is very straight forward. She has no big hopes from life and just wants to see that her mother and her siblings are happy. She is the middle one of the three kids in the house but takes up the responsibility of earning for the family. Her elder sister, Nandini is a dreamer and dreams of marrying a rich guy and living happily ever after. Her brother is the youngest. The interactions among these three siblings are fun to watch. It is as real as it can be. Her mother is worried about the family but she cherishes the moments of togetherness that they share.

Mrityunjay: Mystery character number1. Nothing much is known about him. All we know is that he is in jail for committing the crime of rape and murder. The angry and sulking hero who does not like interacting with anyone. Basically a disturbed guy who has lost all hopes from life.

Kalavati: Mystery character number2. The cross dresser and also the tauji of Mritunjay. A half-man and half-woman who is ruthless and scary. Undoubtedly the villain of the

It is a story of how a simple girl gets into the life of the emotionally unavailable Mritunjay and the ruthless Kalavati. How she overcomes all the hurdles that she is not  even aware of yet.  A story of hidden identities, mystery and misunderstandings. There appears to be a love story angle in this story also. But as the promo says will this Ek boond Ishq be fatal for Tara? Will Tara be able to change Mritunjay?

The show deserves a dekho. It has lots and lots of mystery involved in it. How the story unfolds in future will have to be seen but as of now it appears to be different from the other shows on TV now. Its Drama + mystery + romance + comedy.

I personally liked Chhavi as Tara. Good performances by Viraf as Mriyunjay and Vishwajeet Pradhan as Kalavati. Looking forward to this show and I hope it does well.

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  2. Oly, it’s nice! Very refreshing!U have defined each character very nicely!
    P.S. U mentioned IPKKND here also 😉 #Fangirl

    1. Ha ha simran. I cant help it! Ipkknd mere ragon mein daudta hai 😉

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