Devon Ke Dev Mahadev : Sati Era: A walk down the memory lane- Anushree Taparia

Many things have been said since this show began but the magic of Devon Ke Dev Mahadev is still on. This show is full of magical moments that has made us go ‘Awww..’, ‘Sigh’ , feel the pain, rage, love and what not. Here I have tried to jot down some of my absolute favorite Shiv-Sati moments from this magical show:

  1. 180007-mouni-roy-as-sati-in-devon-ke-dev-mahadev.jpgMesmerizing First Episode: As we say first impression is the last impression. So goes with the pilot episode of any show. Although I watched the first episode a litter later due to my ignorance but then also it did not fail to impress me. It was all a fairytale setup. A princess who is darling to her father, an egoistic and arrogant king father who does not share warm relationship with the hero, the princess and hero meant to fall in love. Sati’s simplicity and of course Mahadev’s first glimpse was the magic! When Sati utters ‘Mai Disha Bhatak Gayi hoon’ I felt as if this is me. Even I am lost. But the very next moment Rishi Dadichi replies ‘Disha bhatakna hi disha ko pana hai’ as if this is the answer we all were waiting for. Sati curiously praying with a belpatra, then suddenly bhasm in the air with Karpur Gauram in the background made a perfect setting to a beautiful beginning. That moment when curious Sati attracted to a shadow rushes towards him and sees Mahadev for the first time and a pure drop of tear filled with love roles down from her eye and here we all went SIGHHH..
  2. untitledVritasur Encounter: No one could have imagined that a sandstorm can lead to one of the most beautiful encounter of our beloved couple. Poor Sati lost amidst sandstorm that actually was a demon Vritasur. But no fear when Mahadev is there. His trishul comes before to signify his arrival. Here Mahadev comes to the rescue of Sati. Pulling her behind himself and fighting the demon was just so romantic. Sati firstly being scared holds Mahadev but later when realizes that this was the moment she was waiting for that fear is replced by love and attraction. Magic and dreamy it was.
  3. 540833_296094493796562_1486024423_nJata Phase: Mohit looks dashing in the Mahadev get up, there is no denial in that. But when he came as Jata it was the moment that just caught us unaware. I remember his intro, camera rolling over his well built biceps, focusing on his innocent eyes and he was working on some murti and bang… he turns his face with that killing smile. Sigh.. Jata-Sati moments were just magical. That rain scene when Sati falls into Jata’s arms; although a usual and typical scene but this time it felt differently magical. The moment when Jata saya ‘Aseem prem hai mujhe…’ as if you expected him to say this only
  4. 576262_304944312911580_298586006_nSati Swayamvar: It was a dramatic swayamvar as expected, Lovers meet despite girl’s father disapprove the marriage. But there were no usual lovers, they were Mahadev-Sati. When Sati utters ‘Ab to iss Patthar se bahar aa jayiye mere SHIV’ and we all waited for Mahadev to appear. Daksha’s continual denial and subsequent approval leading to tears of happiness in Sati’s eyes was simply magical
  5. 524599_310839945655350_629295931_nThe forest scene: Shiv-Sati’s first ALONE moment of TOGETHERNESS in the moonlit night in the beautiful jungle as if this was the scene we all have been waiting for. Sati jealous of a flower that dared to touch her Shiv and Mahadev explaining her that she is the Prakriti was an awestruck moment. Full moon, romantic breeze, magical set up for the newlywe
    1. Sati’s Death: ‘Niyati ko jan na, usko ghatit hote dekhna parantu rok na pana, ye hum tridevon ki sabse badi vidambana hai’ Truly said by Narayan. Sati despite being Aadishakti had to die teaching us a lesson that impatience and ignorance leads us to no-where. Mahdev despite being the Lord of Destruction was not able to stop this destruction of his life. The whole conversation between Daksha and Sati right from ‘Bas Prajapati bas, Bahut hui meri swami ki ninda ‘ to ‘Apne Mahadev ko naman karte hue mai iss Shareer ko tyag rahi hu’ made me cry in pain, anger, pity. Sati’s transition from a helpless daughter to a devoted wife was beautifully shown
  6. Post Sati’s death: ‘Jis sansaar ko Mahadev ne sab kuch diya ussi sansaar ne unse unka sab kuch 603399_326012790821545_1310215002_nchheen liya’ So true. Here we experienced another magic of Mohit as Rudra Mahadev. Mahadev’s tandav that rage, anger, pain, lament in his eyes was enough to show that even Gods feel the pain. Emergence of Veerbhadra and Mahadev instructing him to kill that Daksh who murdered HIS SATI made us feel that pain. To cool down his anger Narayan reminds Mahadev of Sati and then he gets the glimpses of those happy times. I felt do sorry when Mahadev sees Sati’s corpse and wanders the universe holding her. Hugging her again and again, crying, lamenting ‘Virah ki peeda vyakul mann se kshan bhar sahi na jaye’
  7. Mahadev going back to Samadhi: Only you can heal your own pain and no one else. After performing his duty of establishing Shakti peethas with heavy heart he goes back to Samadhi only to wait for the moment when his beloved reincarnates to complete him.
  8.  Sati-Parvati encounter: ‘Sati kya hai, ek asanyamsheel Parvati; Aur Parvati, ek sanyamsheel Sati’ One of my most favorite dialogue. Sati reminds Parvati of her aim and destiny. That whole meeting taught us that we have to keep aside our ego and stubborn attitude if we want achieve our aim. ‘Jo bhool maine ki wo tum na karna..’ With this we said goodbye to our beloved Sati.DKDM These are a few moments that made me feel something extraordinary about this show. The actors Mohit Raina and Mouni Roy as Shiv and Sati enacted my favorite love story to beyond  perfection.  The Background music for instance ‘Shiv, Shiv’ , Sati’s love theme, ‘Karpur Gauram’ were helpful in taking us to some other world.  The end of Sati’s story led to the beginning of Parvati’s story, who successfully achieved her destiny, became one with Shiv. But Sati will always be remembered as the strong woman who wanted to get one with the divine and gave herself up completely for that.
  9. Anushree is Mahadev enthusiast and discusses her views on twitter @dramasD. Please send in your reviews to to turn into a reviewer-viewer like her!
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  1. Just balling my eyes out here first thing in the morning, reading your review of Shiv Sati era. What a moment of nostalgia! Thank you for sharing your views Anu, and bringing me back to that wondrous and magical ShivSati land of love.. It evokes such mixed emotions in me each time I read or view this love story, a sort of bitter sweet feeling of love and pain..

    • Yes, land of love, so different from today’s world. And yes, nostalgia remains, but eternal longing also, and that’s worthy for living, longing for love Divine, isn’t it?

  2. Loved it Anu. Like many of the original viewers, the Sati era is still my favorite, and you captured almost all my favorite moments as well.

    • I know how much u love this phase! Just a humble attempt! Thanks so much. It was my favorite too because never ever Shiv-Sati story was shown this way

  3. aah, you brought back all those moments when I first watched the 1st few month’s episodes! When I 1st discovered Mahadev through a friend, the show was well into 9-10 months, I watched the current episode and said no no I need to watch this from beg, that’s when I scoured the internet for the 1st episode and I was hooked. Having watched Shiv/Sati episodes back to back, I was an emotional wreck for a while, but slowly recovered. Your review reminded me of those feelings. Thank you

    • thanks anju dii! even i started watching this Mahashivratri episode (during sati phase).. I regretted so much for ignoring this for initial months!

  4. Beautiful memories came running back.
    ‘Ab to iss Patthar se bahar aa jayiye mere SHIV’ gives me goosebumps even now.Thank you

  5. Read it just now..& quenched my thirst of MahadevSati era…Im etrnally a yearner.for words describing and praising the Sati era and MohitMouni…coz.I adore Mohit & Mouni so much that I dont underatand where and how to start framing sentences..thank u for doing my job..God Bless

  6. This is IT… totally Outta world dramatic writup… just pushed me through Sati dimensions … Yes She was Prakriti.. She was the Charm.. but DESTINY .. a bigger WORD .. shaken up to define the future again.. Absolutely divine feelings …

    Even though I missed my hat.. then also HATS OFF!! Anu di 4 this awesome writing 🙂 :’)

    • Thanks for this lovely comment (if I can know ur real name!) Of course Sati was one of us, and even we are subjected to our own destiny! This just came directly from my heart for this amazing Sati era..

  7. Beautiful anu..just beautiful. I literally cried…feeling nostalgic. Shiv-Sati’s love saga is the one which is unforgettable by most of us. As u know, Sati was a huge inluence in my life. Thanks for this replay. U write brilliantly and shud write more often. Love..suman..:)

    • For me too Sati gives a great inspiration to my life. So that I don’t forget that divine love and surrender to God in Love is the ultimate goal.

  8. The chemistry between Mouni and Mohit far surpassed that between the actresses that have played Parvati and Mohit. I hope the next Parvati has the same screen presence that Mouni did as Sati. She and Mohit truly brought the romance to life.

  9. Hai anusree, im also anusree..
    may be dats y we loved d same portions..d dialouges u mentioned were there in my mind since i heard it.i actualy wonder hw we loved nd remember d same..
    i watched sathi viewing her as seemed like my d climax hadnt yet reached..

  10. I was crying during the whole series, from first to the last episode. I hev never seen anyting so heart touching and heart breaking. I would like to achieve at least a tiny drop of Sati’s beauty, purity, innocence, love in my journey till the end of my life. And Sati and Shiv will be my eternal guides to the world of love divine.

  11. did you actually miss THE DANCE of Shiv sati…??? :O tht was one of the most passionate sequences ever.. as if the real gods had descended on earth for a dance of love and passion

    • I went the second time through the whole series ending with the marriage ceremonies of Shiv and Paravti.
      I find so many immortal scenes in this series, not only Shiv and Sati’s dance. Just altogether is breathtaking to me. When Sati is crying, I can hardly bear it. And when there are tears of sorrow in Shiva’s eyes for Sati, and later tears of sorrow and joy for meeting Parvati! Yes, all the meetings of Shiv and Sati will stay forever in my mind. And I will always pray to Them that They bestow the power of pure love on me. Even Radharani once asked Parvati for help to overcome Her sorrow.

      • Shiv-Sati story in general is a magic. I love it very much n wanted to watch it in grand and a bit extended way. Mohit Raina and Mouni Roy brought that magic on screen.

    • sorry sorry sorry.. YES I DID MISS THAT ONE. dont hang me for that.. 😉 😛
      but thats one of my favorite sequence. I always wanted to watch Shiv-Shakti dance n DKDM gave me this after Om Namah Shivay..

      • Yes, Shiv and Sati/Parvati and their love remains an eternal mystery, and Shiv is all the time saying to Sati that his world and love is beyond the mundane understanding. And I personally don’t like such words as “chemistry” in the matters of love, even if it is from this world. It is imported from the diseased western world. Isn’t it wonderful that the whole story inspired the actors with factual love for each other? And one can see from the movie that it was not an ordinary “chemistry” or lust, but some reality in the heart.

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