Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon is an immensely popular show aired on Colors and here’s why I love it.

First things first!

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This poster! Yes this one! When I first saw this poster, it brought 2 things to my mind: It’s kind of  filmy and the  that it is going to be something grand, something big. This poster was intriguing and so were the promos. But somehow I didn’ find the time to watch the first 10-15 episodes. One afternoon, I was flipping the channels and happened to come across a bizarre scene: The male protagonist was doing the ‘4 pheron wali shadi’ with the female lead who was,well, drunk!. This drew my attention.

This story is of a girl, if you haven’t yet guessed, called, Madhubala,

  1. Born on the sets of Bollywood film who grows to be strikingly beautiful.
  2. …Who has no aspirations, as such, of entering the  film industry
  3. ..But is compelled to.

I loved the concept of the show. That how a normal, happy go lucky, effervescent girl gets married to a superstar, who’s ego and demeanor intimidated everyone. But what’s special about Madhubala is that she gives back. She does not wear her humbleness like a chip on her shoulder, like other female protagonists, she stands for herself. The cocky, revengeful  hero marries Madhubala principally for making her life miserable. This is the story  in essence, which is set against the backdrop of Bollywood as a tribute to the 100 years of cinema.

204021-drashti-dhami-and-vivian-dsena-in-madhubala.jpgWhat I find most striking:

Chemistry between the lead pair– The chemistry between the lead pair Vivian Dsena and Drashti Dhami is scintillating. They have created  magic on screen. And I bet my stakes on the fact that this pair will be remembered for ever. Their comfort level in real life shows in the reel life as well. Their compatibility is mind blowing.

Dialogues– That’s my favorite part of the show! They make you smile, and giggle. and  laugh like crazy. RK’s dialogues are a major part of his appeal. Yes, his dialogues make you want him. They are iconic. Kudos to the brilliant and ultra-creative writers of the show – Shivani Shah, Abhishek Kumar, Gautam Hedge and Janaki V.

I am sharing some of my most favorite dialogues from the show.

When he wants her to confess her love for him and she denies-

Dil agar nahi hai toh ye to dhak dhak kar raha hai. Toh  Kya ye tumhari Kidney tumhari dil ki mimicry kar rahi hai?’

When the antagonist Sultan (played by Avinash Rekhi) calls Madhu and RK picks it up instead, and Sultan assuming that it Madhu on the other side, starts speaking (For me, This is his best till date)

‘Sultan, mai aur madhu do jism ek jaan hai; Do jism ek kaan nahi’

 ‘Hum aah bhi kare toh ye khata hamari ; Aur vo katla bhi kar jaaye, par kehna padhe, wah kya ada     hai tumhari

 ‘Biwi kamaal ka talent hai tumhare paas ; Itni door baith kar bhi irritate kar rahi ho’

 ‘Itni khoobsurat lag rahi ho, Kam se kam ek umar toh intezaar karwa liya hota………………….

The list is endless…

Special mention of RK’s chemistry with his ‘BHAABHI’– Deepali (Played by Seema Mishra) – Though Vivian and Seema share only a professional relationship off-screen, but both of them sizzle on-screen. Deepali and RK used to love each other but RK’s brother had got a big break then, so she married him instead. But now she uses all those cheap tricks to have him back and is always rewarded with a ‘GET OUT’! The conversations between them have been my favorite, more than those between the lead pair. Again I’d like to share some dialogues that RK says to his ‘BHABHI’

 ‘Deepali mera dimag bahut kharab hai, aag lagi hui hai mere andar, Aur tum shiffon ki saree pehne hue ho, bahut jaldi aag pakadegi.    

 ‘Dipali maine action nahi bola, apne characterless character me tabhi aaya karo, abhi jayo.’

When Deepali tries to listen to Madhu and RK’s conversation through the door(which she does often) , and coincidentally RK opens his door at the same time and she falls flat on the floor-

‘Ye haddiyon ki plate darwaze pe kya kar rahi thi??..Jis tarah tave par dosa flat ho jata hai, iss waqt ye hamare room ke floor par FLAT ho gayi hai’

 The Cast and crew- The casting that has been done is way too perfect.

Drashti Dhami as Madhubala is perfect and totally into her character. She has carved a niche for herself in the show. She portrays all the emotions to the best of her abilities. And the poem that Madhu has been taught by her mother which’ll her help her in fighting all the odds in her life.

Hauslo se veer hoon, sankaton mein dheer hoon

Dushmano ki peer hoon,

Apni maa ke sahare, bas yuhi balweer hoon.

This poem makes you connect with the character and the situation as a whole.madhubala-post_1348746284

Vivian Dsena as Superstar RK or as he says Right Kameena is flawless on screen. The way he says ‘BIWI’ is fantastic and this has become quite a popular word now. With his Greek-God looks and the conviction with which he carries himself, he is commendable. He totally fits into the shoes of RK. The way he smirks, and says ‘Ahaan’, is just fantastic. The character’s  attitude, arrogance, cockiness everything is well defined by Vivian

Avinash Rekhi as Sultan (The lead antagonist) gave one hell of a phenomenal performance. He played the villain par excellence. His character had different shades! From a dangerous don to the ‘madly in love’ boy who wants his love at any cost. He did full justice to his character.

Madhubala’s mother essayed by Pallavi Purohit is fabulous. Sikandar who plays  RK’s brother acts really well. He’s really fun to have around in the show. When Deepali treats him awfully and considers him no less than her servant, his expressions are awesome! Seema Mishra is the most gorgeous and love/hate vamp on TV. And the cutest character is of Bittu ji, RK’s assistant (essayed by Indresh Malik). He’s the most interesting character in the show. A person who’s always stood by RK through thick and thin really likes his Bhabhiji.

And those masterminds behind the camera who make the show a treat to watch. The creative director Yoma and Shreshth who have made the sets so beautiful. Then there was this sequence where when Madhubala and the family members are being held  captive and RK comes to save them, that whole sequence gives you a filmy feeling. The sets , direction, script , acting , everything is  top-notch. The cinematography by Ganesh sir is fabulous. The directors Ravindra Gautam, Devashish Dhar, Inder Das and Prasad Gavandi who have extracted the best out of the actors.

And the title track of the show IS the best part of the show. Such soothing lyrics sung by Arijit Singh and Komal Rizwi. It is just out of the world.

The only thing I don’t like about the show is the extensive amount of crying and the dragging, at times. The character of Madhubala, at times, goes over the top.

So that’s about it!

All said and done it’s a good show with certain imperfections. But, in RK’s style, as they say

‘Bade bade projects me aisi chhoti chhoti galtiya hoti rehti hai Senorita’ 😉

-Simran Pavecha

Photo credit: Colors, India Forums

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  1. Congo!! Very detailed review.Even I like RK’s chemistry with Deepali and Sikki.Its so different and high on humor.

    1. Thanks Akansha! Humor, well Sikki’s humor! As I wrote, my most fav scenes r those which contain Deepali and Rk!

  2. Simran, you make me want to watch the show with your review! I’m a huge sucker for humor in dialogs and it sounds like this serial has it in spades!

    1. U bet it has!! As u said the dialogues coated with humor make u love RK more n more! These r just a few of them! There r tons of them! RK is one character I’ll never forget! Hats off to the writer n that person who created this character!

  3. I don’t watch this show but gave it a shot to read this review. Very well written and kind of gave an insight of the whole concept!
    I loved this section in D&D.. straight from viewers! 🙂

    1. Thanks Anushree! If possible spare some time n give this serial a shot!
      P.S. Even I loved this section in D&D! 🙂

  4. Nice work yaar
    I knew my friend is very talented but didn’t know that she is so multitalented, love your work ♡

    1. Thanks Zubair! Sweet of u to say so!:-)

  5. I may be really late.. But will have to check out a few episodes of Madhubala.. great writing!

    1. Thanks darling! Love!

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