ei-166846 Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon –Ek Baar Phir might have a recycled name but there is nothing recycled about the story. Like others, I tuned to Star Plus without much expectations last week  to catch up with the first episode of IPKKND2.  The promos had not been very promising. Shlok Agnihotri was shown as a male chauvinistic pig and Astha, another “innocent-bordering –over-foolishness” female lead.  Honestly I expected nothing more than  a pair trying in vain to recreate the ASR-Khushi conflict-cum-romance . The prospects of succeeding were dim.Turns out I was wrong. The story of Shlok and Astha is refreshingly original and these two characters do not  even pretend to try to emulate their predecessors when it comes to either love or hate.

Shlok Agnihotri , played by Avinash Sachdev, is a surprisingly, vulnerable hero. Unlike ASR, who had trouble expressing his feelings, Shlok seems to wear his heart on his sleeve. His tenderness comes out beautifully in all scenes with his father . His discomfort and contempt towards his mother which is as strong as the love for his father, is equally obvious. Not only that, right from the start,Astha affects him strongly: He is not the aloof hero who looks at the heroine as nothing but a minor irritant, his disconcert when she is around is quite strong.  His hatred seems to affect him at a deeper level. In this way the distinction from ASR is largely visible  who was mostly indifferent and insensitive to Khushi  for quite some time in IPKKND.

Aastha, again, is refreshingly ordinary. She is not a beautiful damsel perpetually in distress. A normal next door girl , she is just busy living her life, with some peppiness thrown in. Her family is not particularly poor (Though poorer than the hero ofcourse!), and the parents don’t carry themselves with a perpetual pitiable expression, weighed down by the fact that they have a daughter at home, who is  such a liability.

While Khushi was a character who was not a natural rebel: She tried to sacrifice her interests till the last moment ( agreeing to marry Shyam etc..), cried buckets, bit her lip when insulted,  and talked back only in exceptional circumstances, Astha is totally different. She is not intimidated by Shlok and says a straight no to his father’s proposal of marriage to his son. She does not act apologetic about it. When faced with verbal insults by Shlok’s mother, she gives it back, without one moment’s hesitation. After quite a while, a woman character on TV that is surprisingly real.


I would score the show high on some other parameters too. The negative character in the story, the mother – is not over the top. The mean aura and the unfriendly attitude is brilliantly played by this actress who neither needs bitchy dialogues nor exaggerated expressions to make you squirm in your place. Same goes for the sweet positive Ajji on Astha’s side: She provides humour to the plot without trying too hard. The intrigue has been very well established- something bad has happened in protagonist’s past to make him hate his mother and all women. The element of suspense makes it even better.

arvin-khushi-post_1345289796All in all IPKKND2 is surprisingly fresh and real even though it’s based on a hate-turning-love romance of the Mills&Boons genre, which in general is far from reality. In my opinion a little too much stress in given on Shlok hurting Astha physically in some way or other every time they meet. For the record,  it is not at all necessary.  The rushing of adrenaline can be induced by the mere intensity of eyes when in proximity.

Kudos on a brilliant start. Like all TV serials, it faces the challenge of  maintaining the standard it has set for itself. But at the end we are left with the same question we started with: why the recycled name? When IPKKND-EBP is not at all like IPKKND, why could it not work with an original name? Marketing strategy of banking on the brand of IPPKND? While it’s true that like me, many viewers out there must have tuned into this series, because the similar name made them curious, it is also true that a refreshingly original story might face unnecessary opposition and hate from zealous fans of the original.  For now we can just wait, watch and hope that the IPKKND fans  pay some heed to Shakespeare (who famously wrote: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”), and give this one a fair chance.

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9 responses to “Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon- EBP- Refreshingly Original”

  1. Once again a fair review T!. The only thing I would disagree is that ASR was affected by Khushi at a very elemental level; though he didn’t understand why anything related to Khushi affected him so. He doesn’t want to admit that they’re connected together at a very different level. And as any emotional feelings make him feel vulnerable he tries to avoid it; and that drives him to hate Khushi in the initial episodes.
    Here’s hoping that IPKKND-EBP gets its fair share of audience.

    1. Sirisha, that’s exactly what I am saying. ASR runs from his emotions. He has trouble with feelings. Shlok is very vulnerable to his father, even mother, int he negative way. So it’s not the issue of not understanding his feelings when it comes to Astha: it’s the hate bred into him for women with whatever happened in his past. The fact that Astha doe snot accept his opinions and views and challenges them without being intimidated is what affects him that way. SO that’s the difference.

  2. Hi Tulika. I have not watched a single complete episode of EBP so I can not comment on story and whether its different or not. But the characters are similar. A rich, angry and disturbed hero, a chirpy heroine, a incident in the past of the hero that has hurt him, hero hurting the heroine time and again etc etc.. This is not new. Infact on so many other channels we have different verisons of this same story like Madhubala, Qubool hai and there was a similar show on Life ok and Zee tv also.

    Point is if the show is so different then why give it the same name? could the channel not thing of another name. Some things are epic They just can not be recreated. Like SRK said in one of his interviews, DDLJ can not be remade no matter who so ever does it. But we have had similar versions of DDLJ. Chennai Express itself had a similar story line of DDLJ plus the comedy and romance. But would the audience have accepted it if it was names Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge ek baar phir?? I dnt think. Some things have such a huge impact on our minds that we just can not think of replacing it with something similar.

    Ok agreed that we need not replace arnav and khushi with Shlok and Aastha instead make a separate place for them in our minds. But for an ardent fan of Ipkknd its too much to bear watching the same name wala show but none of our favorite characters in it. Ipkknd had and still has become a part of our lives. We are so used to using lines from the show, talking about the Arshi love scenes that its not easy for us to let go of it for a Ek Baar Fir.

    Plus fandom of Arshi, Sarun is crazy. Crazy is the least I can say about it. While there are some level headed fans most of us are totally crazy about the show. Fandom can not bear the use of Teri meri in another show, the use of Khushi’s shaadi wala duppata in another show, the use of ASR’s Brown suits, the use of Asr’s bg music, the use of Asr’s SUV or infact we can not bear to watch a hero’s entry from a helicopter (because that was ASR’s entry.. though we have seen it in K3G as SRK’s entry)
    Such is the craze of Arshi fandom. So if people go mad about these I dnt understand how did Star plus think that adding Ek baar fir to the title will be easily accepted?? If they wanted all the Ipkknd fans to b back to Star plus then this is one bad move i say because Maximum of them are offended.

    and if there is nothing in a name as Rajan Shahi quotes then y not change it?? if changing the name increases the chances of the show being a hit then why not?

    I have taken too much space.. Sorry

    1. Hi Oly. Great argument. I am basically asking the same question here. I guess Production houses work purely on basis of numbers. To them, its all about how this brand can be furthur exploited or used to their benefit. You see, as you yourself said, the fandom for IPKKND has never been seen before, how can they let it go. It doesn’t serve them anything now that you guys love IPKKND as that show is over. But a new show, with the same name will attract curiosity from all corners: people who were not into IPPKND,but were curious because of the hullabaloo, will surely tune in. people who casually watched it and liked, will surely tune in expecting another saga on the same lines. Even people who were crazy for the original, a lot of them will tune in and watch, to discuss or at worst to bash . But at the end more people will watch than not. I am guessing that’s the maths they are applying. It’s purely business. Emotions of fans are only interesting if it brings profits. 🙂

  3. Yet again u come up with an awesome one! But I beg to differ on two points! First is that ASR was intimidated by Khushi drom the very beginning! And second is that even Khushi answered back whenever she was insulted except the time when thr dori sequence takes place! And she started sacrificing because of Arnav when she realized that maybe she has feelings for Arnav! And I am sure when the time comes even Aastha will do the same!
    But all and all its a completely different storyline! And viewers should give it a chance!
    A Good piece yet again!
    P.S. – I like the picture on the right side more! 😉

    1. *came*

    2. thank you Simran. Well, I think Khushi’s character was ,on purpose, desi. Her appeal was in the fact that she was an innocent desi girl, who wore her heart on the sleeve. Her intimidation regarding ASR was one of the strong points of the story. She was scared of him and whenever she spoke up, it did not make sense to ASR and she would be nervous about her reactions around him. She wanted to keep her family happy, even if it meant letting go of her choice. That was Khushi. Astha , an educated city bred woman , is naturally , not intimidated that way with Shlok. She is also strong when it comes to her choices. She is not nervous around him. Obviously, things will change when love track begins but I am basically just outlining the difference!

  4. I have no strong opinions on reusing the name. It seems to me that the channel decided on franchising the name as a way of differentiating this from similar stories which are rife on all channels. And that has worked. Even people like me who’ve not watched a single full episode of the original are aware of that show, so know where to peg this version, what kind of story to expect, etc.

    Coming to your review. I am not fond of M and B storylines so the premise holds no real interest for me. However I will say that the tendency of shows to show violence against the female lead as a sign of masculinity, domination, alpha-maleness, what have you, is completely unacceptable. I will probably make that a separate diatribe but when TV has such strong influence, it needs to model better behavior.

    1. Yes, showing physical intimidation is unfortunately very common in love stories on TV these days. The arm twisting, the shaking, the finger digging- is all seen as an- adrenaline rush romance-. Well they show it because some do get the kick out of it?

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