Rapid Fire with Mouni Roy

Rapid Fire With Mouni Roy:IMG-20130823-WA0009

If your house is on fire, what is the one thing you will take with you when you run

-My phone so I can call the needful

Who is the most important person in your life?

-My family and people n friends I consider family’

One weird fact that people don’t know about you

I will tell you four:
I fall asleep the moment I get inside a moving car
I hate repeating an outfit
I dance when unhappy and I am superstitious about Saturdays

IMG-20130729-WA0001If you were not an actress/performer, what would you be?

-Only to fulfill my father’s dream I would either be an I.A.S or an IFS officer

If you had to choose between Career or Love?

-Love; absolutely; Gah. I am a woman

What do you think you were in your previous birth?

 Don’t know about previous but most definitely in some birth I must have been a devotee of the “Nataraj”.

Do you forgive and forget or you keep a grudge?

-I cannot get myself to care so much to keep a grudge. I always forgive but I never forget. 

Who’s your  current  crush?

-Before, now and forever: Ryan Gosling

One word to all your fans

-‘La dolce vita’: Live it with joy..


8 thoughts on “Rapid Fire with Mouni Roy

  1. short n sweet.. lovely it is.. btw loved the pic wid a little bit of mystery element of who u are! interesting!! 😉


  2. the best n funny rapid fire with mouni..she is so down to earth person n really loved n impressed by her answer..love u mouni.


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