While Mythology has come back with a bang on TV with the roaring success of the masterpiece Devon ke Dev Mahadev,  I would not bet   on just a mythological theme to have the same amount of success everywhere. Many new programs of this genre have been introduced, hoping to cash in on the sudden love of fantastical stories among viewers. But is simply joining the myth bandwagon enough? No. It is mandatory to realize that a series like Mahadev  is  very different on many levels in its treatment and that , probably, is the reason for  its unprecedented success, more than anything else.


The USP of Mahadev lies in the fact that till date it has not been treated like mythology at all. The reason it  has captured the imagination of all age groups is the prominent absence of the undertone of preaching which assails almost all religious sagas. It is just a story. The viewer is given the option of interpreting the events, the dialogues and the multi layered characters in their own way. This freedom is what differentiates DKDM from previous and probably future projects of such genre. For example, for the first time,  in a religious story,  grey characters have been introduced and examined in great detail. The thinking audience can debate the right and the wrong. Whether it was Jallandhar’s merit or Sati’s arrogance, it gives you the freedom to explore your own perspective. In this way, Mahadev has captured the essence of  the culture of myths: the freedom of interpretation.

The novelty of seeing Gods as humans, no, not as conniving humans of our saas bahu TV serials, but humans like us, is appealing. These characters go through their own dilemmas and come out with solutions in time. The scripting is amazingly practical for a period drama. When Mahadev solves a problem on Kailash, a viewer often finds that his contemporary problem has the same solution.  This connect with the modern audience is  no mean feat, given the limitations a religious theme entails.  Some issues which are dealt in the series might not hold relevant anymore, but their solutions do. The  fact  that Mahadev has been able to make it all seem real  to the  21st century viewer, who probably trashed the culture and tradition without a second thought before DKDM, is what makes it special. It does not judge you as a viewer and in turn does not get judged.


Apart from that , another differentiating factor is the attention to detail on all levels.  The supreme commitment of the entire team, from actors to VFX technicians, is only too obvious when you look at the output. Mohit Raina has made history with his portrayal of Mahadev.  All actors seem very dedicated to what they are doing. The creative team comes up with these beautiful looks and attires and make the characters look even better than they are in the head of the viewer. The sets amplify the fantasy factor.

All in all,  everyday, DKDM mirrors the research dedication and passion that went  into making of the series. The work done behind the scenes completely reflects on the screen and that is a very rare event. So to all mythology producers, I would say, the benchmark of DKDM is tough to achieve and it requires an in-depth study.  For the sake of viewers, I hope Mahadev is just a precursor signaling that the era of intelligent TV has arrived.

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  1. very well written..
    with times, the ideas and portrayal change as well and Mahadev has definitely showcased that…
    with this show we have seen God beyond his “leelas” and the stories… IT IS HIS STORY… HIS LIFE AND IDEAS…

    1. And that works! Hope they continue the same way!

  2. That’s how beautifully written and presented Dreamers , had a nice time reading ur Take on DKDM. Thats very true.
    in this 21st tech era,its not just our Mytho bt this super charismatic god really gives us a way to connect up. This one was ekdum mast ;D like they say in Bollywood ekdum hutkey ;))

    1. hey T2. Loved your comment. hutkey 🙂 do follow my page on twitter dramasD. We’ll discuss all hutkey serials 🙂

  3. what a true analysis of DKDM, definitely one of a kind mythology interpretation. Prime examples are the other mytho show on other channels which do not compare to DKDM in any way or form.

  4. the best part has been is the use of logical interpretations to various events.. like Mahadev beheading ganesha..!!! In another forum people have been fighting on so called “real” stories, but the question is that Do we really Know the reality…

    some say the stories are legends, so let it remain a legend only…!!

    this is where Mahadev has struck the cord… it has actually brought out the distinction between Mythological Shows and Religious Shows…

    DKDM is a Mytho in the the truest sense where Shiv, Sati, Parvati, Narayan are not a mute spectators to Vidhi Ka Vidhaan…. They feel, they react, and then they reach a level of transcendence from the cycle of action and reaction where they justify the title of GOD…!!

    1. Brilliantly put sucheta.the distinction alright. It has set a benchmark in terms of freedom of interpretation. Religion is not a closed concept..it is freedom of faith..dkdm has given the freedom to interpret and take in your lessons and adapt it to ur need. Thats why puraanas were written. Not to recite but give solutions

      1. exactly, the puraanas never give a straight- jacket formula… they have been written on basis of somebody’s experiences and have stated a facet of the Ultimate Truth, but not exactly the Ultimate Truth… in other words, Puranas give us different ways to know the reality…

  5. Now what to say about this wonder show DKDM. Earlier shows about Gods were all about preaching and just preaching. gods were never shown from human’s point of view. Of course they differ but today we want sonething more pleasing to real situations. This show is just not about mytho, or handsome actors or super handsome mohit raina, indact it is beyond that!
    Small things that this show teaches as in importance of afforestation, female child, adoption of child, etc. in godly manner. It shows us that even Gods feel pain, they also cry, they also feel happy on the achievements of their kids, they also share the love like true loves do. In short when gods are shown with human feelings it becomes easy to connect with them.
    Then comes the material part of sets, costumes, makeup, accessories, special effect which simply add to the mass apeal of this show. Frankly speaking wherever I go among my relatives and all, they do discuss about dkdm and ‘mahadrv ka role karne wala actor’.
    this show is doing wonders just like old ramayan and mahabharat did. Those shows are still afresh in our memories and I know dkdm will become the same.
    If this is a way to revive and teach the generation about our rich culture and teachings then be it! dkdm has mass appeal from a 5 year old to 80 year old, it has touched the lives of many and that too on a prime time slot! What else can be said them!

  6. DKDM makes you think and analyze..it makes you enjoy and learn at the same tym..im no expert in mythology, im not a vedic-puranic expert..but i know dat wat I see and learn from this show makes me feel better and peaceful..I donot know what the real stories are..but then..who does..isnt that what “myth”ology is all about??? All i know is I like what I see and feel blessed to be able to connect to this show and to all of you !!

  7. Nikhil Sinha has given us Mahadev bhakts a beautiful gift where we are learning so much and getting to know so many unheard stories. Well picked actors, great screen play, well presented and narrated.

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